Lily's p.o.v

2 months had passed Jesse had started to waddle he had to hold someone's hand but he was slowly getting there.

Ava hadn't started to waddle yet but she would crawl everywhere pattie once found she had crawled out the play room and was In a cupboard eating cookies.

My babies were growing up so fast they where both almost and Justin had kept it slow much to his dismay.

Soon they'd be off to school then collage .Then they'd be the part Justin's dreading our little girl dating then getting married.

Justin had taken Jesse and Ava to grandma patties for the day so I decided to go see Lucy .

We had been hanging out a lot recently she had been in the studio a lot more so we tended to hang out there.

We had planned to organise the twins birthday party as they turned one in four days.

Hoping into my car I turned out of the driveway of Justin's house putting on the stereo I placed my new cd by some British band called the vamps .

They had started coming over to the us and had made it pretty big.

Getting to the studio I made my way up to Lucy's office I heard weird sounds from outside curiously I made my way inside shocked to see Lucy and some guy making out on.

"LUCY OMG "she jumped so quickly stumbling back from the couch to the sofa giving me a better view of the guy.

My mouth hung open there on the sofa his shirt across the room his pants where undone.Lay Brad Simpson (the vamps).

"Lily what are you doing here"lucy was scrambling to get her top back on and her pants done up .

"Did you forget we were going to organise the twins party"brad threw his clothes back on.

After that we spent the rest of the day shopping for party supplies inviting guests.

We were out grabbing some sushi when I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket looking I found a text from Justin .

"Check the news now J xx"

Not bothering I went on the news straight away seeing the first Justin article I found


My mouth hung open what the hell scrolling down i saw a picture of me leaving Justin's house tomorrow

How did they get this me and Justin where super careful so no one found out about me and the twins

Saying goodbye to Lucy I had to get home leaving the restaurant I was surrounded by flashes and shouting paparazzi I rushed back inside.

Grabbing my phone I punched in Justin's speed dial he picked up after two rings.

"Justin come quick I need you ,please bring Kenny or moshe "rushing into the bathroom .trying to get away from the flashes I ran into the bathroom .my heart was pounding and I was really scared.

"Baby what's wrong"justin asked worriedly over the phone"justin it's the paparazzi they found me I'm at the sushi place down the road"

"Baby I'll be there in two minutes hang in there"

He kept his promise he was only a few minutes and I found Kenny knocking on the bathroom door I ran out into Justin's arms.

He wrapped me in his arms kissing me more passionately than we've ever been before .

Kenny making his way to the door I saw Justin had brought about 10 security guards who we're fighting back the paparazzi .

Ohh god the news is going to spread fast


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