-------------SCOOTER P.O.V--------------------

There she was there on the floor her body lifeless the razor in her hand the cuts up her arms.


Kenny picked up her fragile body of the floor running through the house we made our way outside in my SUV Kenny got in the back with Lily in his arms i jumped in the front speeding out of  the driveway as quick as i could speeding through the traffic i made it to the hospital in minutes.

Running into the emergency room screaming the doctor came rushing over with a stretcher putting Lily onto running with her Kenny held me back watching my baby girl be wheeled of.

After hours of waiting and crying my tears stained my cheeks .Kenny was there the whole time promising me that she was going to be ok that she's strong.The doctor emerged from outside her room bringing me and Kenny to our feet hoping my baby girl was ok please she is my everything im not ready for her to leave.

Doctor : you have three very special fighter sir

Scooter : My babys are ok ?

Doctor: Yes she was very lucky and its a miracle the babys are still alive

Kenny: when will she be able to go home ?

Doctor: we will have to keep her in to monitor her and see if anything happens with the baby if she recovers quickly she should be able to go home in just over a month

Scooter: Can we go see her

Doctor ; of course

Walking through my doors my heart broke she looked so pale like a ghost her body looked so weak.Her baby bump stood out from the sheets i cant believe in just less than 3 months im going to be a grandpa .

I sat net to Lily holding her hand as i watch her sleep peacefully , wondering why she would do this to herself.

Just then i felt Lily squeeze my hand 

Lily: *whispers* daddy dont leave me 

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