Scooters p.o.v 

I arrived back home from a business trip i entered my house .Yael was off doing business in New York so i would be alone for a few days.I decided to go see lily since it had been a few weeks since i saw her or my Grand kids i chucked all my bags in my room grabbed my keys and my phone and made my way out to the car heading to the other side of the estate where lily lived .

I pulled up to her house her car wasnt in the drive weirdly i got out the car walking up to the door it didn't feel right something was up it was silent to silent.I got back in the car and drove to Justin's knowing pattie would be there.It didn't take me to long to get to Justin's as we all lived on the same estate.When i got to Justin's there was no cars outside and that's weird for Justin's there's always someone here i made my way up to the front door stopping in my tracks i felt my heart rate speed up.

My fist clenched and my palms became sweaty there in front of me was one of the twins toys lying on the driveway by the front door i cant believe i didn't think of this that arsehole had my daughter and my grandchildren i swear to god if he has hurt them he will be famous because hes dead .

It was obvious Justin wasn't home so i picked up my phone dialing Justin's number having it go to voice mail repetitively.

I was leaving voice mail after voice mail getting angrier every time he didn't answer.

Justin's p.o.v 

It was getting late i was still sitting by the tree overlooking the city i decided to turn my phone back on as i was planning on going back home soon .As i turned on my phone i saw my phone buzz like crazy indicating i had loads of missed calls and texts.

15 MOM

20 RYAN 



WAIT SCOOTER what does he want he hasn't spoke to me since he threatened me to stay away from lily .I decided to check the texts he sent me .My jaw dropped reading over what he had sent me 




The list of abusive text went on and on confusing me what was he talking about i wasn't with Lily or Jesse and Ava .I thought texts were bad but after listening to the voice mails scooter was truly angry I've never seen him this crazy he wasn't this bad when he found out about me being Jesses and Avas father.I got back into the car texting scooter to meet me outside my house in half a hour.


Justin had text me to meet him outside his house in half a hour since i was already there i sat in the car texting lily over and over again.After half a hour of patiently waiting i saw Justin's Range Rover pull into the drive i saw a tired Justin get out the car it looked like he had been crying his eyes were red .

He got out the car and didn't get very far when i pushed him up against the hood my hand pressed up against his throat he tried so hard to break free but my anger took over me and i gripped harder now Justin was struggling to breathe.

S-"what have you done with them were are they "

 J-*chokes*- what are you going on about i have no clue where they are "

Just then my phone started to ring i checked the Id and it was a unknown number to me i picked up the phone holding it to my ear.

Unknown-hello is this Mr braun


Unknown - this is Dr Simon i am ringing to inform you that your daughter is in the hospital 

That was it my phone dropped out of my hand my other hand let go of justins neck allowing him to breathe again he looked at me full of concern all i wanted to was get to that hospital and thats what i was going to do.

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