Justins p.o.v

Today had been hard after i got back from scooters meeting i went on my macbook and saw all these new articles on tmz that they has made up about me .Ive been so sick of them constantlly on my back people think i dont see the hate but i do and it does get me down.

 I decided i would go to the club and get my mind of everything the press has been constantly making me out as the villain recently and im sick of it i need to get my mind of it.Me ,chaz ,Ryan and twist pulled up to the club luckily there was no paparazzi so we put out hood up and walked into the club music blasting around us , sweaty bodies grinding 

We can't stop by miley cyrus was playing almost everyone wasn't the dance floor grinding and twerking on each other this was going to be one hell of a night i know it already.Me and the guys walked over to the bar.

Justin : 3 shots please  

Waiter: yes sir 

He handed me the 3 tiny glasses i swung my head back and gulped down all 3 within seconds the firy liquid burning down my throat but it felt soo good.Starting to get tipsy i stumbled over to the edge of the dance floor spotting a beautiful girl a few metres away i made my way over .

Even though i was drunk out of my mind by now i recognized her hair that was defiantly the girl i saw at scooters her tanned skin,wavy hair and sexy figure i decided i would go over there.How could i forget her her dark hair fell down her back and she was wearing a dress that complimented her perfectly the way she looked like a model only a lot smaller was so cute.

 Lily's p.o.v

Hi I'm Lilly the secret daughter of scooter braun,I'm 16 years old and what some people call a perfect figure and i guess I'm lucky for that but my life is far from perfect.My dad didn't want be living in the spotlight because of his work i would never be able to be normal so when dad started making it big i moved out into my own home with my body guard dad hired to keep me company.Since i stopped going to school i now work at Victoria secret as one of their top models but because of the fame I'm not allowed to use my last name .

My dad doesn't know but for 2 years now my ex boyfriend has abused me , threatened me and sexually abused but i wouldn't dear tell my dad he would call the police and Danny my ex promised he would kill me if i ever got the cops involved.Now hes gone finally 2 whole years of being treated like a animal to please his physco needs.now i have my life back i decided to go to the club and drink my life away for 1 night to get my head of the stress.

I walked into the club surrounded my the smell of alcohol this is going to be a long night ...............

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