Justin's p.o.v

Today i was going over scooters to run through some plans for the second leg of my believe tour and the new album coming out.I drove over to his house which was on the other  side of the private estate we lived on so it only took a few minutes.The gates opened to reveal scooters house i drove up parking my range rover next to his Ferrari .Walking up to his door i could see a girl with her back to the window her long black hair rolled down to her back i'd never seen her before i wonder who she is .As far as i could see of her she looked beautiful her long black hair rolled down her back in loose curls and her tanned skin complemented her hair.

I knocked on the door since scooter took away my key because i kept coming over late at night and ate his food but what does he expect I'm a teenager i have to eat.Scooter answered after a minute we walked through the house to the kitchen were we got a drink and head to his office .I kept looking around looking for the girl i saw in the window i couldn't see her at first till i saw her black hair flick from around one of the doors she looked like she was in a hurry but before i knew it she was gone .I carried on with scooter till we go to his office and he motioned for me to sit down.

Scooter: hey Justin we have a lot to talk about today

Justin: yeah ,yeah but before we start i have a question

Scooter yeah?

Justin : who was that girl i saw with her back up against the window.

Scooter : what do you mean im the only one here and have been since yesterday *confused face*

Justin:don't lie to me scooter

Scooter : I'm not it must of been your imagination

Justin: OK :/

We proceeded with the meeting choosing what songs would go on the album and discussions about collaborations.The whole time the only thing on my mind was that girl i really wanted to know who she was .What was she doing here and why was scoter trying to hide her , what could be so secretive about her that scooter found the need to hide from me but i tell you one thing i will find out who she is .

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