Scooter- quick kenny help me get her into the car 

Me and kenny quickly scooped my baby girl off the floor and into both of our arms demi was holding her hand the whole time as we go to the car Demi opened the back door and Kenny,Lily and Demi piled into the back i drove as i knew i could get to the hospital in minutes.Justin stayed back at the house as i didnt want him getting in the way .

I was speeding on the way to the hospital Lilys crys coming from the back of the car worried me she was in so much pain and i couldnt do anything to help her.I was getting closer to the hospital and we had only been in the car 2 minutes it normally takes 20 but i decided to speed lily was in so much pain and i needed to get her there quick.

We pulled up in the hospital car park.Kenny scoped lily's small body into his arms as we all rushed into the hospital.Demi pre called to tell them we were coming because we didnt want any press following us .We ran into the hospital reception with lily in kennys arms they placed her on a bed and wheeled her into the labour.

Doctor: are you miss brauns father

Scooter: yes when will i be able to see her doctor?

Doctor: we just have to runn some tests on her then we will let you know 

Lilys p.o.v


It hurts so bad

My contractions are every minute the doctor came into the room with a clip board she looked really friendly.

Doctor: hello lilly how are you feeling ?

Lily: in pain 

Doctor: ok do you mind if i do a quick examination 

Lily : not at all 

She did a quick examination and im not going to lie it did feel weird .The pain was stating to get unbearable and i dont know how much i can take.

Doctor; Ok miss braun your 10 cm dilated so your reading to start pushing would you like any medication to ease the pain


Doctor: *chuckles* ok ill go get your father and friends and ikk come back with the epidural


We were all waiting patiently in the waiting room for what seemed like hours but in reality it had only been 10 minutes.I was desperate to see my baby girl you could hear the noise of the hospital around you when we suddenly heard.

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