Justins p.o.v 

It has been  3 days since lily came over and we spoke .I decided i would spend the day lounging by the pool i just got out the shower when i heard my phone buzz .I saw i had a text from lily i opened it.

"hey justin dads gone to Paris for a few days for business i was wondering if you wanted to come round and spend some time with Jesse and Ava by the pool "

I decided to go over i grabbed my keys and my phone since i was already in my swim stuff i sent lily a text saying id be over in  5.

Rolling up to lilys house i parked me car next to her.I got out approaching the door i knocked on the door but no one answered i carried on knocking for about 5 minutes but no one answered which was weird lilys car was in the drive.I dried the door and to my suprise it was open i heard a beautiful voice it was amazing it sounded like beyonce and ariana grande put together it was amazing . 

I heard the voice from upstairs i decided to follow the voice i made my way up the stairs turning right across the landing to someones room but i didnt no whos it was. I opened the door and there stood lily only in a bikini bottoms getting changed i stood there in the doorway with my eyes wide open i couldn't believe what i was seeing lily was the one singing not only that she was right in front of me topless.

She must of noticed because she quickly covered her chest in a embarrassed manor she quickly grabbed her bikni top and ran into her en suite bathroom . I looked around the room and i saw Ava and Jesse in a little babies play pen they were so adorable since they were only just over a week old they were tiny.

I picked up my baby girl and boy in my arms and carried them over to lillys bed where i lay them down infront of me i sat down and started playing .

Lilys p.o.v

I can't believe justin walked in on me getting changed i decided i would finish getting changed in the bathroom .I heard justin talking to someone in my room i out my ear close to the door and listened to what he was saying .

"maybe one day me and your mummy will be together and then we can be a proper family because the truth is daddy really likes mummy but mummy doesn't like daddy"

Did he really feel like that ?

maybe one day we could be a family ?


I wont leave demi for justin 

Dont get me wrong i want justin in the babies life more than anything but i dont think i would ever date him let alone marry him i just dont think i could ever get hurt again and i know justin would never want to hurt me but i always do in the end.

I walked out to see justin playing with Jesse and Ava on my bed i never thought i would say this but justin is such a good father.

"Hey justin do you want to go down to the pool"

He nodded since Ava and Jesse were in there swim stuff we carried them out towards the pool were i lay ava down and justin lay jesse down we put on there floaties and stepped towards the water.Justin held Jesse and I held Ava.We played in the water for about a hour the twins would giggle which made me and justin burst out laughing we spent ages taking photos of the babies first swim

justin-"lily what are there full names"

                       "Jesse Scott Kenny Braun and Ava-hope Braun"

Justin-"ohh do you ever think one day they'll be bieber"

                         "Of course you just need to prove to me you will be a good dad and i know you will but they need someone to look up to they need there dad Justin "






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