Lilly's p.o.v

"Will you be my girlfriend?"


Did he really just ask me out?

What do I say ?

Most girls in my position would be jumping at being Justin's girlfriend the first chance they got .


Well ...

"Yes Justin I'll be your girlfriend "

With that I was swept of my feet being spun in the air Justin pressed his lips against my cheek.

"Awww"we both turned our heads in shock seeing everyone standing there watching us some had there phones out taking pictures I'm guessing .Lucy had a huge smile across her face as I ran into her arms squeezing as Justin's got pats on the backs from Jeremy ,usher,Ryan etc .

Pattie and Diane had Jesse and Ava in there arms they had obviously woke up during all the commotion .

"Congratulations you two now maybe one day in the future you will be mrs bieber"Jeremy said .

"Dadddddddddd"Justin wined .

Lucy had connected her phone to the house music system and everyone came in from under the stars into the living room .

Everyone deep in there own conversations Justin sat down ,motioning for me to come over to him he pulled me into his embrace .

Not in any rush to move to soon we only cuddled Justin knew some of my past and hopefully it stays that way .

Sam smith stay with me came on and Justin started humming the lyrics in my ear melting my heart .

"Lily I need you to stay with me "


Sorry it is so short I'm going to be making a new fan fic soon .



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