Justins p.o.v

Lily : Ju...STIN 

I couldn't believe it there she stood in front of me i never thought i would ever meet her again .BUT WAIT isn't she scooters daughter SHIT SHIT SHIT he can't find out that i know her .There she stood behind the door i couldnt see her very well only her head peaked out from behind the door but even then she looked beautiful.

Justin: im sorry do i know you , im justin nice to meet you 

She looked so confused and slightly relieved at the same time i couldn't have scooter find out about what happened between me and her.I stepped inside after Kenny and scooter i turned around to  see her petite body behind the counter in the kitchen .Her brown / black hair trailed er face perfect falling into ringlets.Her tanned skin made her face glow.

Scooter: Justin this is my daughter lily, she's 16 . i know you might be mad that i didnt tell you about her but you have to understand i couldnt let her live up with the fame and the media she cant deal with that so this cant get out.

Justin : but scooter you have to understand why would you keep something this big from me do you not trust me or something ?

Scooter : no Justin that's not the case im going to let you to hang out me and Kenny will be in the back yard.

Lilys p.o.v 

I cant believe this why is he here .SHIT he cant see im pregnant what if he starts asking questions  about how far along i am .SHIT SHIT SHIT what if asks who the father is i cant tell him .

Justin : so how are are you ?

Lily:*stutter* good 

Justins p.o.v 

We had  been standing here in the kitchen for about a hour now making awkward conversation here and there lily hasn't moved from behind the counter in a hour she's really suspicious is she hiding something or doesn't want to be near me .

Justin: well I'm going to see if i can find Kenny and your dad 

I moved in to give her a awkward hug she hesitated , a worried look spread across her face until she finally moved out from beside the counter .I looked down her small body i jolted suddenly ohh no what am i seeing .HOLY CRAP there she stood lily was pregnant and by the looks of it heavily pregnant 

Justin : you're pre....gnant 



so what do you think s going to happen but i have a twist in the story coming up so make sure to read

sorry i haven't uploaded ie been in Barcelona with school




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