Chapter 7 : telling dad

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Lily's p.o.v

Finally i can't push it back any longer i have to tell dad today because Kenny's making me now I'm 6 months pregnant I'm going to have to tell him .My bump has become huge i look close to bursting and i still have 3 moths left. We pulled up into dads place luckily he was the only one in i checked before i left so i didn't run into anyone and have them wonder who i am ?.

I unlocked the door with my spare key and walked into the hallway i couldn't see  dad anywhere.With Kenny behind me we Wonder to dads office.Kenny went in first so i wasn't alone .Today i was wearing a massive  baggy sweatshirt so you couldn't see my bump so i was good.

We found dad working in the study.

Dad- he sweetheart how are you ?

Lily- dad we need to talk


Kenny- i'll you two to talk to each other alone

Lily-Kenny stay please

Kenny-I'm here for you 

Dad-whats going on 

Lily- Dad I've got something to tell you and you're not going to be happy about it 

Dad- I'm getting worried please tell me 

Lily - daddy I'm pregnant


Lily- I'm sorry it was a mistake 

Dads face was unreadable i couldn't tell if he was angry or happy suddenly something far from what i expected happened he smiled and pulled me into a massive hug.

Lily - dad squashing babies

Dad-BABIES !!!! 

Lily-Dad I'm so sorry i didn't mean for this to happen , but I'm having twins 

Dad-you may be and young and I'm disappointed in you but nothings going to change but I'm happy I'm going to be a granddad , have you got a bump yet

Lily-yeah I'm surprised you haven't seen it 

I took of my jumper  i still had a vest top on to show dad my bump when he saw my belly his eyes grew wide a huge smile plastered across his face he looked like Kenny in the doctors.

Dad-who's the father baby girl

Lily- i don't know but i got myself into this mess i  get out of  it

Dad- ok but nothing better happen like this again 

Kenny gave me a confused look as he sat opposite from me and dad i just gave him a look that said he isn't finding out.He just nodded his head after that me Kenny and dad just chilled dad was asking me loads of protective questions asking if i was healthy?,how far along i was?.I was so happy i had dads support in this .

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