Something's don't need to be said with words to be spoken

Liking into those eyes they spoke a million promises

I won't let anyone hurt you

I'll be your shoulder to cry on

I'll do all I can to keep you safe

Your the one I want to grow old with

When I say I love you I mean only you

As we swayed back and forward the hundreds of eyes on me were invisible all I could see was my beautiful husband .husband now there's going to be those who say your only early twenties your too young .well F**K them and there opinion I've been hurt too much to doubt the best thing that's happened in my life .

He didn't give up most blokes yet alone a man in the industry would .he didn't care what the media said he did everything he could to be a good dad .

The angelic voice of John legend all of me singing live spoke a million words we both wanted to sing to each other .I always wanted to be a singer , most people if they knew my dad was one if the best music founder /creator/managers out there they think it would be easy .Yet I know my dad lives me but nobody's ever heard me ,well I never had the courage .

Justin whispering the I love you's in my ears and for the first time in my life I was confident enough to say it back .

As the song came to a end the sounds of cheers wolf whistles erupted around the room .

Justin pulled me into his embrace slowly attaching his lips to mine gently tugging on my bottom lip moving then in a sensual sync.his younge grazed my bottom lip begging for entrance I gladly welcome him as we fought In dominance obviously I won I'm a queen that slayed her king .😉

The wolf whistles came in a hundred direction as our environment came clear to is again as we were soy rounded by the a listers my friends and Justin's family and my dad . our little make out session didn't amuse my father by the look on his face but what can he. Do I'm a grown woman who has two gorgeous twins who sat with pattie . How did he think I conceived those children found them in a alley.

Turning around I saw Nicki (minaj) run up to be taking me from Justin "sorry saggy pants need to borrow your hit mumma."

(Yes that's right everyone knows about Jesse and lily and let's just say there where a lot of dropped jaws)

Being dragged in my white dress by Nicki across the ball rom ( imagine any big manor like a palace ) "Nicki where are we going before u could answer she has pushed me into a room where I was met with .Iggy azalea ,Ariana grande ,Jessie j ,beyonce ,Lexi ( old best friend ) and Lucy trey where all dressed in the sexy outfits ( pictures above )

within 20 minutes nicki had persueded me to learn this ridiculous dance to preform with her and the girls .we were dressed in this sexy outfit they had got me out my dress . i now wore (outfit above 0 and some knee length boots.

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