Scooters p.o.v 

I know what your thinking that im a horrible person pushing justin out and banning him from visiting or seeing lily and the twins but i have my reasons.If i didnt get rid of justin before lily found out he knew he was the father of the twins he would of hurt her.I know Justin and he couldnt manage being a father he would end up breaking her heart and i couldnt deal with that.

I know chucking him out was harsh but i couldnt believe it he had gotten my baby girl pregnant , knowing the twins were going to grow up without a father is tough but i know justin he would stay with her for a while then leave all 3 of them without a word.

I walked back inside the house and i had a plan justins gone .Demi will help Lily and be like a second parent so why would she need justin if all he's going to do is hurt her.

I walked in the house to find demi asleep on the couch i saw Lily and Kenny talking in the kitchen."Hey guys " i said walking over to the island "hey dad whats up"lily said grabbing a soda from the fridge."have you seen justin anywhere dad"lily asked taking a sip of my soda i cant tell her what happened."he said he heard you and kenny talking about something and had to leave " i quickly made up .Kenny just stood there uncomfortably i cant believe he knew and didnt tell me ."ohh " was all that came out of lily mouth she looked so upset it hurt me alot.

Justins p.o.v 

I had a plan whether scooter liked it or not i was going to see my children but it was going to be down low.I was currently writing down some notes on what i would have to avoid.Ryan was over helping me i had explained everything to him and he agreed he wanted to help me and be my key to getting stuff and distracting scooter.

whether he fires me or not i will see my children 


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