Ryans p.o.v

She left me all of a sudden with Jesse and Ava ,where was she going i was so confused why would demi leave me with the children all of a sudden without a explanation.

I pushed that tp the the side of my head i need to find out whats going on i grabbed a jacket and my supras taking Ava and Jesse out to the car with me .Placing them in and strapping them in i went round my side before setting of to find Justin at the hospital hoping he had some clue on what on earth was going on.

Jesse and Ava kept crying in the back so i had to stop a few times to get them to settle within 30 minutes i had made my way to the hospital getting in the elevator i had Jesse and Ava in there car seat/carrier one in each hand it was hard looking after them but i wouldn't change it for the world i love those kids as if they were mine .I struggled over to Lily's hotel room door before i entered i heard some noises coming from inside the room i peeped through the window and i saw Justin helping lily get her drink from the table it made me smile looking at how he was helping her Justin would do anything for her and he really loved her.

I knocked on the door "come in"i heard Justin shout from inside i opened the door bringing the twins in with me and sitting there car seats/carriers by the bed the opposite side to where Justin and lily were they both looked at me with worried /confused eyes when they saw i had Jesse and Ava with me.

" Why do you have the twins don't get me wrong i love you with them but  thought demi had them ?"Lily said sitting up looking over at Ava and Jesse who where now sleeping ."Yeah about that Justin can we have a word alone outside for a minute" Justin looked at me strangely before following me outside where i shut the door of the hospital room .

"Sup bro whats going on"

Justin said leaning up against Lily's hospital door.

"what do whats going on with demi"

I said with a concerned tone i really need to know whats going on at the moment.

"what do you mean whats going on with demi"

he said with a worried tone.

"Wait you don't know where shes gone"

Justin looked at me

"Ryan what do you mean shes gone where is demi?"

Justin's voice raising at my last comment

"All i know is that Demi dropped of Jesse and Ava about a hour ago she just knocked on the door chucked me there bag and left just like that, i tried calling out for her asking her where she was going but she just ignored me and sped out of my drive"

Justin stood there confused rubbing his temples he grabbed his iPhone and dialed someone number before placing the phone by his ear he stepped back .

For the next 20 minutes me and Justin tried ringing texting demi ,her family and her management asking any of them if they knew where demi was .Me and justin were both panicking walking around in circles"where could demi be ".

Then behind us we heard a soft whimper both of us spun around to see Lily standing in the door with tears streaming down her face her.Her petite body looked so upset and fragile.



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