Ryan's p.o.v

Lily ?!!!!

There she was Ava and Jesse in her hands .i was speechless why did she come back so out if the blue no calls no texts she left everyone worried and scared as much as I wanted to be mad at her I was so relieved she was home and safe . I pulled her in embracing her in my arms he petite body relaxed like she was relieved as if she thought I was going to mad at her.

"Come in " her face looked worried like she expected me to explode on her any second

I took Jesse on of her arms bouncing him up and down in the way over to the couch his giggles filled the room ."you love uncle Ryan do g you " I said tickling him .

"Lily why did you leave "

"It all started that day at the hospital I saw you and Justin talking I got worried as I went out I saw you to both looking so seriously it worried me when I hears you say about demi I felt myself become weak so I did what I do best run away ,run away from my problems ,run away from the numbness"

"You cant keep running away like that your hurting people and more importantly your hurting yourself "

"I know Ryan that's all I know to run away from my problems "she held back tears

"Lily I will help you whenever you need me I'm always here to talk "she got up and wrapped her petite body around me like .

"Where is Justin ?"


"Ummmmm well when you left that day everyone was looking for you .Justin got drunk that night he was cussing ,kicking and punching I've never seen him so messed up in a long time ever since he's locked himself in his room and hasn't come out in 2 weeks I've had to put food under the door for him "

Her face drained of all colour her face was fixed on the floor her hands where shaking and tears flowed rapidly out of her face .

Setting Jesse down I rushed to her side grabbing Ava I sat her with Jesse before risking over to lily holding her on my arms as she wept .

"It's all my fault I did that to him I caused all this "she wept hysterically

"Hey hey hey don't say that it's not your fault Justin has a hard time dealing with his problems sometimes"

She got put of my arms straightened her clothes of before kissing Jesse and Ava on there heads .

"I'm going to straighten out this mess " I couldn't reply she was already half way up the stairs .grabbing g my phone I did the first thing that came to my mind I sent everyone a text saying I had found lily and to get over her as soon as possible I had a feeling something bad was going to happen.

Lily's p.o.v

My nerves setting in every step up the stairs I took the closer I got to facing the wreck I caused.i never meant to hurt anyone like I hurt Justin.

I was outside his door my nerves were sky high .my hands were sweating and my heart felt like it was going to explode out my chest I needed to run away as fast as my legs would take me .

NO LILY don't do that

I can't keep running away from my problems before I could stop myself again I knocked on his door no answer I pressed my ear against the door only to met with Justin's sobs it broke my heart .

I stayed there for a minute with my ear pressed up against the hard wood.suddenly there was smoke under the door "RYAN HELP "

Ryan's p.o.v

Kenny ,Scooter,pattie ,Jeremy and everyone had just got here .we were all sat in silence .tension was everywhere we had only been sat here for a few minutes when I heard a ear pitching scream


Me ,Kenny and scooter all ran upstairs to find lily outside Justin's door .there was smoke pouring out under the door within seconds Kenny was kicking down the door . pattie and Jeremy by now had run up the stairs holding Jesse and Ava when they saw what happened Jeremy passed Jesse to scooter who was trying to calm lily down .pattie ,scooter and lily were in a corner with the babies who were crying from all the noise.

Me ,Jeremy and Kenny where trying to kick Dow. The door with a few more kicks the door fell to the floor .

But what stood in front of us was enough to break someone's heart in two .

Cliff hanger

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