Lilys p.o.v

Today me and my friends lexi and luke were going to the mall to hang out and have fun before i was to big to get up .I woke up and showerd ii stepped out the shower and wrapped a warm towel around my body before heading into my closet and picking out a purple lace bra and panties carefully slipping them on i put on a flowery dress since it was really hot outside.I made my way to the kitchen making some pancakes , eggs and sausages Kenny was out with dad doing some business so i was home alone.

I finished my food and placed my dishes in the dishwasher and made my way over to the couch Luke and lexi were coming over in 10 minutes so we could go to the mall and shop i needed some new clothes because mine were too small .

I heard the doorbell ring i ran to the door quickly and op-ended it to see Luke and lexi with huge grins on there face.

Lexi: hey preggos 

Luke:hey fatty 

Lily: nice to see you guys too

Lexi: were joking lets get shopping girlfriend

We made our way to my Range rover that i got when i turned 16 , 6 months ago we got in a turned on the stereo and my beyonce CD was in singing at the top of our lungs we made our way out of the estate and onto the freeway to the mall.Making our way into the car park we parked next to Starbucks.

Lily: where are we going first

Lexi: Victoria secret i need some new clothes and bra

Luke: really while your girl shopping i'll be in vans 

Lily and Lexi : ok see you

Me and lexi made our way into Victoria secret looking through all the new collections i picked out some new panties .

Lily;hey since  I've been pregnant my  boobs have got so much bigger

Lexi: I've noticed 

Lily : i know I'm huge 

Lexi :wow i might get pregnant for some that big

Lily: you crack me up

Me and lexi were trying on all sorts of clothes i was in the changing rooms trying on bikini's (picture to side) i decided to get a green one , a leopard print one and 4 bras and 6 pairs of underwear.Since i am  a Victoria secret model i get a discount.

The rest of the day we spent shopping and hanging out  i brought some panties and bras , new jeans and tops , swim suits and the new iPad.Lexi and Luke went home after the mall i drove back to mine and collapsed on the sofa rubbing my belly i fell asleep  .thinking about me and my future babies 

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