Chapter 58 -Love my baby

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Justin's p.o.v

My baby

My two babies

Hopefully my new baby

The press,the haters they weren't important to me i didn't wake up in the morning trying to impress them.

I know who I am they don't they see the Justin Bieber 'teenage heartthrob' the 16 year old who sang baby.did they see Justin the 20 year old parent , the Justin Bieber who donated 1 million to find the cure for cancer NO .

Dosent matter how nice you are you make 1 mistake everyone always remembers they don't care about your achievements .

They lurk in the shadows waiting for you to break , but tell me how you can break something again it's still broken your just shattering the pieces smaller and smaller until fixing them isn't even a option .

The tears the pour painfully out of my year stained face the ones that mean more in pain than appearance .

But she changed it my once numb face stained with tears now was replaced by the happy tears .They symbolised the memories we share and look forward to in years to come .

My babies first day of school ,the first date, first heartbreak ,graduation and the day they start there own families .

My honeymoon wasn't 5 we weren't on a private Caribbean island surrounded my cristal blue ocean and white sandy beaches .

I didn't want to be living the billionaire lifestyle on this honeymoon I wanted to be with the woman I live because to me she was the 5wonderland I wanted to be in (sounded a bit rude).

Staring at my baby's cute button nose sniffle as she snored quietly her lip quivered as if she was thinking about something bad

'Baby im right here I'll save you '

Her lip stopped quivering and her body came closer to mine her head tucked in the crook if my neck.

Her once tense body now relaxed and her eyes fluttered open to reveal those gorgeous eyes belonging to the one who stole my heart .

Our morning went by as normal we snuggled watching movies and eating junk food .

I didn't need to take her out on fancy dates ,spending loads of money on her .she didn't want that she wanted to be normal spend days in on the sofa than days out in New York .

She was all I could ask for she wasn't perfect far from it , she knew it but I wasn't perfect either but we loved each other despite our flaws .

They say the ones who really care will love you through everything , I should of been there for her I wish I would've known I could of saved her .

Just looking at her I knew she was the one not many people would stick by me but she did and I would love her till the day I die.


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