*5 days later *

Demis p.o.v 

This is so hard I've been so distant from lily recently i know you're going to think I'm a terrible girlfiend leaving my ill girlfriend in the hospital when she needs me the most .But I'm doing this for her i know what you're thinking right who wants to hurt there girlfriend ? but I'm doing it for her and the twins seeing Justin around her the past few weeks has broke my heart he really loves her you can see it in her eyes. The way he hasn't left her side for 2 weeks shows how much he cares for her .I've been at home looking after Ava and Jesse and sometimes pattie would come and bring the twins to see Lily .

So many times people had questioned me why i wasn't seeing but i couldn't how could i see her before i told her what i'm going to do .How could i face to see her so happy Justin makes her smile and i know he will always be there for  her but i will i promised her i would never hurt her but what may hurt now will give her and the twins a better future.

Lily was getting out the hospital today but i couldn't talk to straight away when she got home it would be to much for he and she could have another heart problem and go back so i decided to go stay with Ariana grande for a week a packed my bags and put Ava and Jesse in their car seats and headed to drop them of at Ryans i put on my sunglasses.

It took half an our to get to Ryan's  i got the twins out with all there stuff in there bag.I made my way up to Ryan's door ringing the doorbell it took about a minute but Ryan answered the door wearing his basketball shorts and a tshirt."hey demi what you doing here" he asked tickling Jesse "can you look after them for a while" he looked at me with concern " of course i can but demi whats going on why haven't you seen lily all week" he took Ava out of my hand and placed her down on the floor in her car seat ." Ryan i cant talk about this right now 2 i said passing him Jesse and running towards my car "DEMI WAIT WHERE ARE YOU GOING !!" Ryan called after me .

I just got in my car and drove to Arianas it took about 20 minutes but when i got there i grabbed my bag flinging over my shoulder making my way over to the front door i paused just before i got there remembering why i was here i started to break down just thinking about it .Its like what people say " if  you love something enough you'll let it go "thats what i needed to do i knocked on the door to be greeted by arianas concerned look she didnt even have to say anything before i tackled her into a hug crying heavily in her shoulder i broke down i didn't care who was looking ."Demi calm down and tell me whats wrong"Ariana said stroking my hair in a comforting way.

"I need to break up with lily "


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