Alfredos p.o.v

Ohh my god 

Lily was there lying on the floor passed out 

Me and Ryan rushed to her side , Pattie put Jesse down and rushed to Lily's side .She wasn't breathing ,Demi was crying holding her hand.

Alfredo- Jeremy ring the ambulance shes not breathing QUICK HURRY 

I scooped Lily into my arms running outside waiting for the ambulance i checked her pulse and it was slowly getting slower i put her down on Justin's front yard and gave her mouth to mouth begging she would get her pulse back .Please lily if i wouldn't have told her this would of never happened.

Just as her pulse started getting faster i heard the sirens and the ambulance pulled up into Justin's drive 2 paramedics rushed out .

Paramedic 1- what seems to be the problem sir 

" she fainted about 5 minutes ago and she stopped breathing about a minute ago her pulse started slowing so i gave her resuscitation  "

Paramedic 2 - OK what you've has helped alot lets get her on the stretcher and to the hospital 

The whole time this was going on everyone was gathered outside the house .I looked around an i could see everyone had tears in there eyes where as Jaxon,Jazzy and Pattie were crying huddled in each others chests.Demi went with lily in the ambulance when the paramedic said there could only be one person . I  heard the engine of the ambulance start and before they set of the paramedic turned to me and sai " well done you saved her life "

That brightened my day but then i remembered if it wasn't for me this wouldn't of happened.We all go in the cars Me,Ryan,Kenny,Pattie were in my car and Diane,Bruce,Jeremy,Erin ,Jazzy and Jaxon were in there car.We all sped off towards the Hospital Pattie and Kenny were desperately trying to get hold of justin letting him know whats going on and that he needed to go to the hospital.

After so many attempted rings we gave up knowing we were near the hospital I pulled up outside the hospital Jeremy's car pulling up behind me we all piled out and ran into A&E asking them if they knew where lily was.

A doctor came out to greet us and guided us to a waiting room where we could wait until we found out our results . When we walked in the waiting room i saw demi hunched over with her head in her hands"it's going to be ok " she sat there and sobbed "i love her fredo i cant have her leave me "i didn't know what to say so i embraced her in my arms.

We spent hours in that waiting room with only the droning tick of the clock on the wall.No one spoke only the snuffles if people crying and the soft sobs filled the room after hours of waiting the twisting of the door handle brought everyone to there feet.In came the doctor with his clipboard.We all awaited for him to speak several seconds felt like several hours all of us waiting to hear if she was ok even Jazzy and Jaxon looked up to him .

DOCTOR - We're afraid lily has fallen into a coma









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