Chapter 30 :secret meetings

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Justin s p.o.v 

3 months later 

(the twins are almost 4 months old )

Today all the gang were coming over i told them i had a surprise I'm going to introduce everyone to Lily,Jesse and Ava .Scooter still would let me near lily no matter how much i begged him but off  course i still saw her no one could stop me seeing my children .Lily knew her dad didn't want me near her but she didn't know why i decided not to tell her about the argument .

My mum ,dad ,Erin ,jazzy ,jaxon,Alfredo ,Ryan,grandpa,grandma ,Kenny and Demi were coming over today to hang out and hear my "surprise".Demi and Lily had been hanging around alot recently whenever i came over to Lily's or when i would pick her and the babies up Demi was always there don't get me wrong demi's amazing but i wonder why she's always there whenever i ask Kenny he acts like he doesn't know what I'm talking about but i know hes hiding something from me .

I grabbed some swim shorts and put them on with a white v neck and my famous chains.I made my way downstairs  to see Ryan and Alfredo eating chips on the couch.


R-dude seriously next time you should lock the back door 

"ohh don't make a mess the others will be round soon "

R- yes mum

"watch it boy or do you want to be grounded "

Me ,Ryan and Alfredo messed around for a hour before i saw Mums car roll up in the driveway followed by dads then Lily's.Mum and the others came in i greeted them all . I felt two arms wrapp around each leg to see jazzy and jaxon grabbing my legs.

"hey Buddy's"



I hadn't seen lily walk in i saw demi talking to my mum i made my way over giving my mum a hug and a kiss i turned to demi"have you seen lily?" lily looked at me and signalled for me to talk in private i follow her into the hallway demi spoke"she wont come out the car"

I made my way outside i saw Lily sitting texting in her car i knocked on the window she looked up surprised to see me .Lily knew i was going to tell my parents about her and the babies.

"lily whats wrong why are you out here "

Lily-Justin what if your parents do the same as my dad and dont let each other see the babies

"you have nothing to worry about lets just go inside "

Lily got out the car and i got Jesse and she got Ava we walked into the house i found everyone in the living room jazzy and jaxon were playing on the floor.When we walked in no on seemed to notice as they were all deep in conversation.

Jesse started to cry i rocked him back and forth causing everyone to stop there conversation and look at me and lily who where now sitting on the sofa .

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