Lily's p.o.v

Justin was sitting in the corner of his room surrounded by beer bottles the stench of alcohol hit all of us immediately .But what frightened everyone was the two joints he held in his hands the room was smoky all of us gasping for breathe and we were only in the door way.

I ran over to him avoiding all the beer bottles scattered on the floor some broken some not .i crouched down I front of him it broke my heart looking at him his clothes were stained with tears and dirt .His eyes were read and puffy from all the crying it broke my heart seeing the mess he was in .

I don't think he noticed me sitting in front of him .i took the joints out of his hands stubbing them out and getting rid of them .Justin tried to digit and squirm Jeremy came in lifting his broken son into his arms we all made our way downstairs to could see panic and hurt in everyone's eyes looking at how messed up Justin was .

Justin didn't fight back he simply lay there his eyes were full of tears it wouldn't surprise me if he could see what was going on .we made our way into Justin's living room everyone sat down Jeremy placed Justin on one of the small sofas motioning for me to sit next to him I made my way over to him.

He now lay cuddled up with his head embedded in his knees the room was silent apart from Justin's sobs.

You could tell by the look on everyone's face that they had never seen him this broken and it was all by fault I should of never have left him .

With the overpowering urge to run away from my problems tears streaming down my face I did what I needed to do ,help fix everything ,I can't keep running away it hurt me see Justin like that and I wanted to see him happy not only for his sake but for Jesse and Ava they needed there dad.

I moved my way closer to Justin rubbing circles on his back his body untensed .

We sat like this for 10 minutes nobody saying a word the only sound still was the soft sobs from Justin.

Pattie was upstairs putting Jesse and Ava to sleep in the spare room . "Hey guys can you leave me to talk to Justin for a minute "with that everyone made there way out leaving me and Justin the only ones in the room .



No reply

"Justin "


"Why" he sniffles not even looking up at me I could still hear the pain in his voice .

"I'm so sorry Justin I needed to leave I'm just soo sorry I took Jesse and Ava without telling you were I was going"

"You can't keep doing this to me lily it hurts me I need you and the babies you're all that matters to me"(see what I did there ;) )

"I know Justin me and Ryan spoke about this and I know what I'm doing's wrong but it's a habit I run away from my problems "

"Your hurting me lily more than you think I need you I finally have someone on my life that's good for me "

"Justin I promise I'm going to try my hardest to make us a proper family for Jesse and Ava 's sake were going have issues yes but we can get past them"

"You want us to be a proper family"Justin's head shot up his face had tears staining his cheeks.

"Of course I do Justin just it's not going to be 100% normal because we're not dating or married "

"Ohhhh" the small glimpse of hope in Justin's eyes disappeared "will we ever be a proper family .even in the future would there ever be a chance we could make it work between us"

"Justin I'm just a damaged girl that happens to have 2 young babies and a job I'm going to have to start again soon to earn a living.i have way to many problems and issues that you don't deserve to back a part of ."

"Ohh " Justin threw his head back into his knees his soft sibs yearned violent

"Hey hey Justin what wrong "I said pulling him I to my arms ,still wrapped into a ball he snuggled his head into my lap .

(Sniffles) " I just want you to love me , I want someone to love me ,I knew you were different the day I looked at you in that club "

"Justin I've only just got out of a relationship with a girl I really loved maybe one day in the future we could be together you never know but now I'm going to stay with you not just for the babies sake but for yours if you need me I'll be there"

"Lily I need you "


Hey guys



Ok I have some surprises coming up in the next few chapters that most of you won't be expecting .

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