Lily's p.o.v

Just as I arrived back at work I was greeted my the friendly smiles welcoming me back and congratulating me on the twins.loads of people came over to look at Jesse and Ava

Then I saw jackie run up to me with a big smile plastered across her face .she was quite tall but since I was only just about 5 foot everyone seemed tall to me .Her eyes were a amazing shade of blue and she had chocolate brown hair.

"LILY OMG "she ran and embraced me with a huge hug "awww aren't they so cute what are there names "she smiled down at Jesse and Ava in there stroller "this here is Jesse (pointing down at him ) and this is Ava -hope "

For the next ten minutes me and jackie sat in my new dressing room taking turn cuddling Jesse and Ava .

Then we heard a knock on the door and a girl with a delivery uniform came through the door "are you miss lily "I replied with a yes and she came through holding a big bunch of Lily's and roses my two favourite flowers me and jackie both gasped.WE sat them down on the counter , I gave the girl and tip and with that she left leaving just me ,jackie ,Jesse and Ava .

I looked at the flowers they were beautiful there what white Lily's mixed with dark purple roses"there beautiful "jackie said I then noticed a small card attached to the bouquet I opened it and read the message enclosed within

"have a amazing first day at work you'll have to tell me all about it later give the little ones kisses from daddy love J "

I quickly blushed at the note stuffing in in my pocket before jackie noticed and wanted to read it.

"Lily your clothes are over there on the make up counter we want you to model pie new summer bikini line"feeling nervous as I hadn't modelled in so long I grabbed my clothes of the make up counter and went onto the joint bathroom to change .

I took a look at the coral pink bikini in front of be before changing .

After the shoot

I rolled up on the driveway it was only 6 , Jesse and Ava where hyper and giggling the whole ride home.walking up the driveway I couldn't hear any noise coming inside Justin must have been at the studio .

Gasping as I walked into the kitchen the table was laid beautifully ,the only light it the room was the glowing candela on the table .Justin stood next to the table dressed in low crouch pants and plaid shirt .

"Justin this is amazing what caused you to do such a thing " He simply replied with "I'm going to prove to you how much you nene to me and how much I want you "

After that we sat down eating the spaghetti and meatballs Justin made which were gorgeous .

Justin had bathed and changed Jesse and. Ava putting them to bed.Justin denied my offer to do it and told me to put a movie on once Justin had come down we sat on the couch through the movie I could feel Justin inching in but instead of moving away I found my self moving in.

Until 3/4 of the way through the movie I was in Justin's arms cuddled up to his chest as much as I wanted to say it was wrong it felt so right .

I felt my eyes grow heavy and i feel asleep in his arms .

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