Chapter 3 : dirty dancing

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Justins p.o.v

I decided to go over there i need to know who this girl is , I aproach her and getally tap her shoulder she spun around looking a me with her eyebrows furrowed together.Does she not know who i am ?

Justin: hey beautiful why dont you join me on the dance floor

You could tell she was completely wasted by the way she walked but she didn't hesitate simply nodding and moving her way through the crowd on the dance floor.When we got to the dance floor she wasted no time in swaying her hips to the rhythm gradually moving to my waist she stood there grinding on me turning me on so much i could feel myself loving her more every second .

Pulling her over to the back of the club where we made out vigorously.

Justin: hey sweety why don't we take this back to my place

Girl: umm I'm not sure i don't even know your name

Justin : come on and I'm Justin by the way

Girl: I'm Lily

Justin : come on sexy lets go *winks* but before we do can i ask did i see you in scooter brauns house this morning

Lily:i don't know a scooter sorry

Justin : OH OK *confused*

We make ur way to the back of the club were chaz and Ryan were getting smotherd by girls, i told the we were leaving but as Lily and i turn around i see Ryan and chaz checking her out so i shoot both of them death glares.Making the way to my car i can see lily struggling to walk so i swoop her off her feet bridal style and put her in my range rover i know drink driving blah blah blah but im to wasted to even think properly plus my house is only down the road.

Finally arriving to my house i got Lily to walk to the front door closing the door i turned around to see lily kicking of her huge heels even with huge heels she's still shorter than me I'm guessing she's 5"0 .Making my way over to her pinning her playfully on the wall i started kissing her neck making her moan god her moan was sexy.

I ran in the hallway picking her up bridal style again leading her to my room.Placing her on the bed , taking off my top and pants i saw her strip to her bra and panties .God she was gorgeous toned body , tan skinned .

I guess you cn imagine what we did *wink* let me some it up into 3 words ( doing the dirty)


Lilys p.o.v

I was completely wasted lying there in JUSTIN BIEBERS!!!!! bed completely naked i knew i would regret it and something bad was going to happen.I drifted off into a deep sleep knowing i would have to get out of their before he woke up .

*skip the sleep*

I woke up with the worst hangover ever but i had to get out of their quick it was only 5 am but i knew justin would be up soon.My dad would kill me if he found out what i did he's justins manager but i couldn't tell justin last night i was scooters daughter.I just hope justin never finds out

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