Lilys p.o.v

Today was the day i get to take Ava and Jesse home .Dad was at the store grabbing me some stuff i would need .Kenny was taking me home ,demi had ahold of Jesse while kenny sat me in the wheelchair as i wasnt aloud to walk out of the hospital .I had Ava in my arms i left the hospital room as we exited the hospital it was quite which surprised me since i was with demi.

We wheeled up to the range rover and i strapped in Ava while Demi strapped in Jesse i shoved my bags in the trunk .I made my way over to the back and sat in between Ava and Jesses car seats while Demi and Kenny .We sped of home to my new house to get the twins settled in to their new homes.

Both of my babies were now asleep and they looked so cute they had the most adorable  little snores and i hate to say it but they do look like Justin they have his beautiful caramel eyes and perfect lips.I dont know how I'm going to tell Justin or even if im going to tell him it would ruin his career and i doubt he would want to be a father he's only 19.

We pulled up into my drive and i un-buckled Ava and Jesse bringing them into the house i settled them into the nursery , i hear-ed a car pull up into the drive and i saw dad and Justin get out.WAIT WHAT THE HELL IS JUSTIN DOING HERE !!!. I heard dad open the door i could here the chatter downstairs ,i tucked the babies in .I could hear the steps creek someone was coming upstairs slowly i heard the nursery door open to reveal Justin OH great what does he want?.

Justin: Hey how you feeling ?

Lily:Justin what are you doing here ?

Justin : i just came to see if you were alright your dad told me you had the babies

Lily: im fine 

Justin: can i see them 

Lily : ummm sure 

We made our way over to there cribs my beautiful angels were sleeping so sweetly they were so small .Justin looked over at them and smiled when e heard there little snores .

Justin: lily can i ask you something

Lly: umm yeah sure

Justin : WHO's the father ?



what do you think she's going to say 




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