Kennys p.o.v 

I was trying to fin Lily i checked all  of downstairs and couldn't find her i decided to check upstairs i heard some noise coming from inside the twins nursery.

Justin: WHO's the father ?




Lily: i don't know he doesn't know I've had the babies i doubt he would want anything to do with them

Why wont she tell him she needs to sooner or later before its to late and he will never see his children.I need to talk to her .I knocked on the door and lily op ended it.

Kenny: can we talk for a minute .... alone downstairs

Lilys p.o.v 


Lily: um yeah sure kenny 

Kenny walked downstairs with me i had no clue where Justin went .Kenny pulled me into the laundry room i dreading for what he's about to say.

Kenny: Lily i know its hard but your going to have to tell him sooner or later he has a right to know you cant keep lying to him and your dad its not fair your children have a right to know to know who there dad is .

Im really not ready for them both to find out yet imagine what my dad would do he would kill me and Justin .I cant tell Justin he would walk out on me and the babies and i cant and wouldn't be able to face the fact that my children dad walked out on them .He wont want to be a father he's only 19 and has a career to think about not having kids.

Lily: i know i need to tell him but i know whats going to happen he will walk out on Ava and Jesse and i cant put them through that 

Kenny: but how do you know hes going to do that 

Lily: Kenny he's already got a lot of hate from the media what do you think  is going to happen when they find out he has children they will completely destroy him Justin doesn't want anymore hate and that's exactly what hes going to get if i tell him and it leaks .

Scooters p.o.v 

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