Justins p.o.v 

Fredo sat there feeding Jesse and he looked so happy.Lily was sitting with my mum , mum had ava in her arms and tears in her eyes as she cradled her back and forth.I was sitting with my dad and Jaxon ,Ryan came over and sat with us he turned to me "im proud of you dude"

For the next hour me and lily sat on the sofa while the twins napped upstairs.Demi left to go to the toilet and shortly after lily did which i found really weird.

Lilys p.o.v 

Demi sent me a text saying to meet her in the upstairs bedroom in 5 minutes.I excused myself and made my way upstairs as i reach the landing i felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist.Whoever it was im guessing demi pulled me into a roo,.

Demi-" ive been waiting so long to do this"

Before i could answer Demi crashed her lips on mine a sweet kiss was all i needed she was perfect and i loved her more than anything .

Justins p.o.v 

I wonder where lily and demi went they had been gone for ages . I wondered around downstairs checking all the bathrooms but i couldnt find them i checked every bathroom in the whole house but there was no sign of them .

Then i heard some noises come from inside the guest bedroom i opened the door and i couldn't Believe what i was seeing there was Lily and Demi making out in the middle of the room .Then suddenly both of them turned around with shocked looks on there faces 

Lily - ju ....stin












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