Justin's p.o.v

Family what was it to some a burden ,someone to fall back on bit to me it was everything. I owed everything to my family whether they were blood or not.

The warm fuzzy feeling deep in my chest seeing the way she played with our babies .The love inside I had for her grew day my day until I did t think I could love her anymore.

The way when she looked at me my skin grew goose bumps and my heart picked up speed my a gentle touch I knew I've never loved anyone like I love her .

The one I think of when I get up ,the one always on my mind ,the one I want to protect,the one I want to love ,the one who I want to know means the world to me because she'll be on my mind 24/7 .

Today everyone was coming over for the day.mom,dad,scooter,jazmyn,jaxon,

Erin,ryan,chaz,fredo,kenny,grandad grandma ,usher and Lily's friend Lucy .

I just hoped she wouldn't freak out many normal people I've tried to become friends with either freak out or use me .

Sometimes I wish I could be accepted for me the 20year old from Canada who loves to shoot hopes and play music not the JUSTIN BIEBER global superstar who is always wrong in the presses eye.

Lily stood in the kitchen preparing diner for everyone later so we could spend more family time.Jesse and Ava where upstairs in my room sleeping on the bed .

I approached her standing chopping up onions .wrapping my arms protectively round her waist i expected her to flinch and pull away bit she didn't why I didn't know ,but I wasn't about to question it.standing there like a couple it felt right like my while world had come together I had no worries at this moment it time .

Lily's p.o.v

He approached me from behind wrapping his arms around my waist .AS much as I wanted to push him away I couldn't my brain told me to push him away my heart would t let me it knew that's where I wanted to be .

I knew I shouldn't stay like this it was leading him on but no matter how many times I wanted to push him away I found myself falling and falling hard and I knew I had to stop bit I couldn't .

We continues to stand like this for about 20 minutes until we were interrupted by the doorbell ringing I didn't want to loose his embrace but sadly all good things must come to a end.

Justin's p.o.v

I didn't want to let go bit I had to making my way over to the door I opened it to be surrounded by everyone except Lily's friend Lucy

Everyone was gathers round in the living room usher and chat still hadn't met Jesse and Ava so I brought then down from there nap .

Usher seemed to love them seeing my family together put a smile on my face.lily was talking to my mum and here dad (scooter) when the door bell rang causing lily to jump to her feet

Lily's p.o.v

Jumping to my feet I ran over the door excited to seen Lucy I had missed her. So much .I practically swung the door of its hinges

Embracing her I. A huge hug she wrapped her arms back around me we were like two high school teenagers.

"Hey gurl"she said pulling out of our hug"hey Lucy how's it been"this conversation went on for a while until I decided I needed to give her a heads up

"Hey babe my boyfriends here with his family but please don't freak out"she simply gave me a nod and confused look.

Making our way into the living room everyone was still in deep conversation with each other .

Justin got up from the sofa making his way over to Lucy and I .bracing myself for the screaming or Lucy Attacking him because he was Justin bieber it never came slightly puzzled to say the least.

"Hey Lucy how's it been"Justin said talking to Lucy WAIT they know each other .




"You know each other?"i asked slightly puzzled looking at Justin expecting a answer but I got it from lucy" Justin sometimes comes down to my studio "ahh that's right Lucy was into music

We introduced lily to everyone in the group she seemed to really fit in well.me and Justin stood there and watched Ryan gawking over Lucy he was practically eye raping her .

Her long blonde hair and crystal blue eyes you could just get lost in.she had a killer body that most girls would die for and Ryan could keep his eyes off .

A fee hours passed me ,Pattie and Lucy were finishing cooking dinner ."so Lucy we noticed Ryan wouldn't stop looking at you looks like someone has a crush on you " Lucy just stood there trying to take In What she said "urmm I'm not really interested like that I'm saving myself for brad Simpson "

"Isn't he that British boy from the vamps"pattie asked laying the table ready for spaghetti and meatballs .

For the next 10 minutes we finished cooking dinner listening to Lucy fan girl over brad especially his bum:/.

"DINNER EVERYONE" I called soon to met with a stamp was of people rushing g into the kitchen setting them selves at the table I sat at the end placing Jesse and Ava's high hairs in the end feeding them there baby food .

Seeing everyone shoving food in there mouths to each other brought a smile to my face I never had big family things like this growing up so it was different but amazing.

We sat there in discussion until we got the shock of our lives

"Dadda"our mouths dropped to the floor turning our heads to see Ava very proud of herself .

Me and Justin rushed over to her and have her. A big hug everyone was clapping our babies first word .

"If only we got that on tape"Justin said bouncing Ava up and down "fredo saves the day"turns out fredo was recording someone else and had caught Ava's first word on camera

I picked up Jesse from his high chair "your first word better be mumma mister " I said tickling his belly

What a amazing day

Out baby's first moments


Hey guys

Sorry I have red updated in a while



If some of you don't know who the vamps are you should look them up they are AMAZING

I've actually met them and they are so nice also going to see them in October yay

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