Lilys P.O.V

Today was our second day on the island and i was loving every minute of it.Today we were going on a boat around the island .Dad hired the boat so we could spend the whole day out on the water enjoying the sun .

Dad knocked on my door i op-ended it to find dad and Kenny standing there in there board shorts with rubber rings and arm bands with snorkels i have never see anything so funny i was almost wetting myself laughing trying to take a picture.We all headed out to the dock finding our boat Kenny was trying to lift me of the jetty into the boat which was proving a hard job since he kept wobbling.

Finally once we got all our stuff on the boat we set out around the island Kenny was driving the boat it was so fun relaxing for a change dad really understands me.The day was so fun we swam in the sea played games and had a picnic on a secret beach we found.

We stayed out on the water until the sun started setting it was beautiful the sky was pink,purple,red and orange but i was getting tired being 8 almost 9 months pregnant drains the life out of you , so we decided to head back to the villa and sleep dad said he had something planned for tomorrow and i really want to know what it is.

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