Chapter Forty-Eight

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It was finally Saturday and the ceremony was happening today. I had been waiting for this day since it first started. It took me days to get the perfect speech together. I literally drove Cordell crazy with my practicing. He kept telling me that it was okay but I couldn't rest until I had everything perfect.

I had my outfit picked out and now all I had to do was get Sapphire. "Lady Bug are ready?"

"Yes mommy I just took a bath."

"Okay then come her and let me do your hair so you can be the princess I know you are." She smiled and ran to me. I could really say we had grown a real relationship. I loved the feeling of being a mother; having someone to look up to me was a very honoring thing. "Mommy can you braid my hair?"

"You want up or down?"


"Up it is then." I finished up her hair the way she wanted which took a good thirty minutes. "Okay now let me help you put on your dress so it won't get your hair messed up." Once I had her dress on I told her to make sure she didn't mess up the dress while she waited for me.

I went back into the bedroom so that I could get myself ready since we only had two hours before we had to be there. I did my makeup first because I knew that would take the longest. After that I did my hair and since I wasn't really doing anything big with it, it didn't take too long to get done.

When I was done Cordell walked in with some chips in his hands. He sat on the bed and faced me like he had something to say. "Okay spill it."

"Spill what?"

"Don't play dumb with me Cordell, tell me what's on your mind."

He sighed, "I don't think you should be going."

"Why not?"

"You've been sick these past few days and I just don't want you to test it."

"I can't not go to the ceremony of my own project Cordell. Those lucky girls that got the chance to be able to do something they love even for short time is because of me and I will not let them down."

"They will understand Lelaih."

"That doesn't matter, I am going. I want to be a part of this and see their faces and I think it is a good opportunity for Sapphire too."

"I never said it wasn't but you are missing the fact that you need to take it easy now."

"I am taking it easy Cordell, all I'm doing is sitting down, eating food, and then making a speech. That's it." He sighed once again. "Fine Lelaih, I will see you when you get t home then." He got up and left out. I really didn't understand why he was giving me a hard time right now. It wasn't like I was going to work a full shift of work. Instead of focusing on his attitude I got dressed in the all black silk dress that had a split down the side. I added the jewelry and the shoes that went with it. Once I was done I checked myself out in the mirror.

"You look pretty mommy," Sapphire said coming and standing beside me. She grabbed my hand and smiled up at me. "I think we both look pretty." I kissed her cheek and we headed out. I decided not to say anything to Cordell since I knew he was in a sour mood and had went into his office. I felt bad because we had promised not to leave things badly like last time but I just couldn't deal with the arguing or that would make me feel sick. I sent Sapphire to tell him goodbye so he would know we were leaving.

Sapphire finally came running downstairs holding her dress. I grabbed my things to head out but before I could touch the door I was grabbed by a strong hand. I turned around and was caught by Cordell. He took my keys and handed them to Sapphire, "Princess, take the keys and go wait in the car for mommy so daddy can talk to her real quick. She nodded and left out leaving me standing there not knowing what to say. "You were just going to leave without saying goodbye?" his eyes were staring holes into mine. "After the whole bedroom situation I really didn't want to argue anymore."

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