Chapter One

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It has been one stressful day and honestly I just wanted to go home. I had been here since seven this morning and was beyond tired. It seemed like no matter how much work I did something still had to be done. "Hey Ms. Marshall Mr. Richards wanting to know if you had the proposal for the upcoming fashion show that will feature the 2016 line," my receptionist asked as she walked in and sat down.

"Yea I been working on it all day but we still need to a location so tell him I am having a meeting with some interested parties later on," I said handing her the folder with everything in it. "You should really get home, I know how hard you been working."

"Well, when you are vice president at the famous Starling Fashion House then you never sleep and you always work." This was very true even though I earned this job I still had times where I wish I could have a normal job. Working late hours was not very helpful for a 32 year old woman who was recently divorced and now trying to piece her life together again. I have caramel skin tone with black short curly hair that I get from my dad since he is native American. I loved my looks but since my divorce I find myself doubting it and wondering if I could be better. I mean I wasn't ugly or anything I was just in the period where everything about me seemed like it could be better. "I'm glad I'm not in your positon cause I think I would crazy," she said standing up and leaving. Truthfully I was going crazy but I wasn't about to let anyone know that. I just needed to get this project over and then I could relax.

I worked some more trying to make sure all the models that were being called back had everything and would have everything when they came so we could see if the clothes fit. I loved my job because even though I wasn't a designer I was still a big part of how the clothes got sold and presented. I have always loved fashion and when I found this job it felt like I had died and went to heaven. Just as I finished up that a knock came at the door. "Come in," I yelled not looking up.

"Well, you could at least look at me," a familiar voice said making me look up meeting my best friend, Grace. "What you doing here?"

"I brought you some late lunch," she said putting a bag of Chinese food on my desk. I knew anytime when she brought me food she wanted something from me. "Okay what do you want?"

"Can you watch Trinity for me tonight I have to work late and I know I won't be able to get her in time," she said pouting. It wasn't unusual for her to ask this of me since I was the only one she had. When she got pregnant her then college sweet heart claimed it wasn't his and took off never looking back. She was devastated but I told her I would stand by her. I knew getting pregnant wasn't in her plans but it didn't mean she had to be alone. You never leave a best friend behind especially not one you have known since middle school. now she was 31 with a tow year old daughter and she was the cutest thing. "Yes I will watch Trinity but only because she thinks I am the best auntie ever."

"Um you are the only auntie she has and besides you give her candy when I say no so of course she loves you."

"Whatever but why you got to stay late anyway?"

"Mr. Jackson has me working overtime on this new advertisement project for his new company opening," she said shrugging and taking out the food. "I thought that food was for me?"

"It is but I'm hungry so I thought you wouldn't mind sharing."

"Well I do."

"Too bad. But are you ready for my office party I told you about?" she had invited me to her office party her boss was throwing at Club Sauce for being open 10 years. Since she was CEO of advertisement at Jackson Industries she could invite who she wanted to the party. I guess since without her the company wouldn't be where it is today. "What am I supposed to wear to that anyway?"

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