Chapter Forty-One

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"Lady bug are you ready!" I was in the kitchen trying to make sure we had everything.

"Mommy I can't find my flip flops."

"Look in your closet where they are supposed to be or under your bed." She ran back upstairs. I tell you packing was no joke; if we left without something then it would be hell. She came back downstairs dragging a huge suitcase behind her. "Did you find them?"

"Yes, they were under my bed."

"Okay come help me put these sandwiches in the bag." She ran over to my side and took the sandwiches I had already made and put them in the lunch bag. "Can we bring some pop tarts?"

"Yea because their dad wants some too." We finished up packing the snacks just in time as Grace with Trinity walked in. "Don't you look prepared."

"I see someone has already started their nap." Trinity was knocked out in her arms. "Yea she was up all night jumping around. It took me forever to get her to bed."

"Where's Cordell?"

"He is putting our bags in the car and trying to make room." The whole reason we were packing was because we were finally taking a trip to Hawaii. We waited until everyone schedules were clear to go. "I swear he doesn't know what it means to slow down."

"Leave him alone, you know he will do anything to make you happy."

"The only thing I need him to do to make me happy is to slow down." Soon as I said that he came in the kitchen. I could tell he was tired by the way he was breathing. "The car is almost set, Imma go get the other bags to put in the trunk." I followed him up the stairs. I found him getting ready to pick up some bags but I stopped him. "What?"

"You need to take it easy. You are running yourself into the ground and you know your lung is still healing Cordell."

"I'm fine Lelaih, if I don't do this then who will?"

"Cordell you are not fine, I can tell by how you are breathing. Besides I'm sure Grace and I can pick up some bags and take them to the car. You don't have to do everything."

"I am supposed to be the man."

"Well right now you are a healing man and I need you to let us do this for me. And when the doctor says you are healed I will let you be as manly as you want to be. Deal?" he sighed giving in, "Fine." I smiled and stood on my tippy toes to kiss him.

He let us finish packing the car to get ready to go. "Alright chop chop people it's time to go before we miss our flight!"

I couldn't wait to get to Hawaii, far away from all this drama. "You ready," Cordell whispered in my ear. I looked at him. "Can't wait." He leaned his head to mine and breathed. "We've been through so much; I just want us to have this little bit of time to reconnect." I stroked his cheek, "We will make it through this. You will get better and I will have this baby. Our story isn't over yet, even when we get to our wedding day it will be just beginning."

"I don't know what I would do without you."

"Same here."

"When we will get there," Sapphire asked coming over to where we were sitting. We had our right to do what we wanted since we were on his private plane. Grace was somewhere in the back watching something on Netflix. Trinity was also watching cartoons. "Soon baby girl." She crawled on my lap leaning against me. "How was your nap?"

"Fine but I'm ready to get off the plane."

"Me too lady bug but when we do get there we will get to run around and play in the water."

"Can I have a juice?" Cordell got her a juice and told her to take one to Trinity. "I think someone is getting anxious."

"I figured she would, she hates sitting for a long period of time." I sighed holding my stomach. I was beyond hungry but I couldn't eat anymore sandwiches or juice boxes. "You okay?"

"Just hungry."

"Eat then."

"Can't tolerate any more turkey sandwiches. Just the thought of that makes me want to puke."

"You have to eat."

"I will when we get there." He did not like that answer at all. I knew he would get overprotective since I was now pregnant. "That will be another two hours."

"Unless you have some food stashed somewhere I will have to wait those two hours." He pulled out a pop tart from his pocket. "Why do you have a pop tart in your pocket?"

"Sapphire was going through them like candy so I thought I should stash me some if I ever get hungry." I just shook my head and took the pop tart. I didn't know how hungry I was until I tasted the food. It was like I went to heaven. "Glad you like it."

"From now on I will be checking your pockets for food."

"Tell me the truth, how are you doing. Do you feel tired or like you are too stressed?"

"I'm fine Cordell and of course I'm tired, there is a human growing inside me." He placed his hand on my stomach. "I can't wait until he gets here." I put my hand over his and smiled.

After two more gruesome hours we finally arrived to Hawaii and I was just happy to get off that damn plane. Sapphire and Trinity were jumping around all over the place. "Mommy look at the ocean!"

"I see it!" she grabbed my hand leading me into the hotel. To say the hotel was gorgeous was an understatement. Everything was so amazing. "Do you like it," Cordell asked grabbing me from behind. I just nodded taking in everything. He chuckled, "Imma go check us in." he left and I just stood still looking around. "Damn I thought we would be in some Hampton Inn not this high class shit," Grace said finally leaving Netflix. "I know right."

"Can't wait to see what the room look like."

Cordell came back with keys for everyone. "Okay we are all checked in." we got our bags and went to our rooms. The rooms were just as beautiful. We had rooms right by each other and each room was a two-bedroom suite. They had a full kitchen and everything. Sapphire ran straight to her room to watch TV. "I guess she is happy."

"Are you happy?"

"Why yes Mr. Jackson, I am very happy."

"Good." He swooped me up carrying me to our room.

We decided to nap for a while and then we would meet up to relax on the beach. To say I needed a nap was very true, I felt much better. Before I took a nap, I stuffed my face full of chips. Now I woke up and I was hungry again. "What are you eating now?"

"A big Texas." He shook his head. "What I'm hungry?"

"Nothing baby girl go take a shower so we won't be late. I will go get Sapphire ready." I stuffed the rest in my mouth and went to take a shower.

When I came out I found Sapphire on the bed in her bathing suit with Cordell. I found some short shorts with a bikini top to put on. I didn't want to be naked but I didn't want to put on a ton of clothes. I put my hair up so it would be out the way. I did the same to Sapphire's hair so she could get it wet without worrying.

"You ready?"

"Yes, I am." We headed out and met up with Grace who was already on the beach laid out with a cocktail in hand. "You couldn't wait for us?" I sat beside her. "Ya'll were taking too damn long. Trinity was yelling about the beach so I was like let's go!"

"I can see what you will be doing this whole trip."

"Look I haven't had a decent trip in years so I am taking full advantage of this free one." She raised her glass up and hen drank it. I tell you my friend was something else. Eventually I got up and joined in with the girls. We played in the water watching the fish swim by. We even had a sand castle contest which I let them win. We also collected sea shells so we could bring them back with us. By the time we left I was tired. We ended the day at a restaurant at the hotel. For our first day I had to say it was a great day. 

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