Chapter Fifteen

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Two Weeks Later:

So I guess it's no surprise that I agreed to move in with Cordell. It was like both him and Sapphire ganged up on me so I really had no choice. When I did finally agree he wanted to make sure it was something I wanted to do and not something I felt like I had to do. When I thought about it more I realized it was something I wanted to do. I could honestly admit I loved Cordell, I don't know when it happened or how it happened but it happened. I knew he loved me to because he showed each and every day. Even though most of my things were here I couldn't officially move out until my lease was up in a month.

I slowly got out of bed and took a quick shower. When I came back out Cordell was still knocked out mainly because he was off today which I envied. I threw on just a robe and headed down to the kitchen. I was craving something cooked and not fast food.

"Where you going," Sapphire asked coming out her room. "To make breakfast."

"Can I come?"

"Sure lady bug." I reached out for her hand and she gladly took it. "What are we making?"

"I was thinking something simple that your dad would like. Maybe blueberry waffles with crispy bacon and cheese eggs." She smiled wide and jumped up and down. "What can I do?"

"When I make the batter you can put the blueberries in while I put the bacon on. Then you can mix the eggs." We got to work making breakfast and honestly Sapphire was very good at listening to instructions. We soon finished just as Cordell came into the kitchen rubbing his eyes. He then made eye contact with the food on the table. "Looks like my two favorite girls have been busy." Sapphire ran to him and he immediately picked her up. "Look daddy we made all this food!"

"I see." He sat her down and made his way to me. "And what made you do all this?"

"Just got tired of fast food. I hope you like blueberry waffles."

"I love anything you cook baby girl." He quickly pecked my lips then went to make his plate. I fixed Sapphire a plate and then myself one. Sapphire soon had syrup all of over her face while she attacked the bacon. "Baby girl go get yourself cleaned up so I can take you to school."

"Okay daddy." I picked up our plates so that they can be cleaned. "And don't you have to be at work too?"

"I have plenty of time thank you very much."

"Oh really because last time I checked it was almost eight." I turned and looked at him trying to see if he was serious. "Crap!" I ran upstairs to quickly get dressed. My love of a good breakfast was going to make me late to work.

When I finally did make it to work I quickly got to work on what needed to be done before the charity event which was right around the corner.

"Good morning miss late as always," Denise said coming into my office and sitting down. I just glared at her. "I have my reasons for being late."

"Yea and what might that be?"

"A good breakfast," I said matter of factly. "Okay so where's mine?"

"In your kitchen waiting to be made." She looked at me with shock. "And here I thought I was your friend."

"Never assume anything you don't know for sure."

"You are such a bitch sometimes, you know that?"

"Only on my good days," I said cheesing. "Better be glad I love you. Now back to business."

"Do you have that guest list with seating arrangements for me to approve?" she took out something and slid it over to me. "This guest list was a real bitch."

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