Chapter Twelve

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"I can't believe I believed that jackass! I actually thought he had fucking changed!" Grace yelled as we paced back and forth waiting for court to begin. "Look you have to calm down before we draw attention to ourselves."

"Do you think I care about that? That lying son of bitch is trying to take my daughter and you want me to be calm?!"

"Okay ladies are you ready to get this over with? Now remember I need you to stay quiet and let me do all the talking. Since the DNA test came back positive that he is the father, they are going for full custody."

"I really hate that I am going through this Le. I thought when I had my first child it would be wonderful and me and whoever it was would live happily ever after. Instead I got a jackass more worried about what his father tells him." I grabbed her hand, "Don't worry about that. We will get through this and plus you have me I will be the dad anytime you need me to."

"You know you are the best?"

"I know now let's go in here and kill it." She nodded and we headed into the court room. The entire time I felt bad for Grace because she had to listen to Damien's father suggest she wasn't a good mother and he was better to take care of her. He literally threw his money at the situation like that was all it took to take care of a child. I could tell Grace was enraged because every time she looked at Damien she would glare at him like she was trying to blow his head off. When the court ended I felt exhausted but I had to go into work since I ditched the other day.

"I didn't think you would show up," my assistant Denise said as I walked to my office. "Whatever what's going on?"

"Well I have a list of themes purposed by the others and the ideas the PR wants to do to promote the charity event and the new collection."

"If they are going the typical way which is basically radio shows and social media tell them I want more. If we are going to make this event the number one talked about thing we will have to do more." She wrote down what I said and then looked back at me. "Anything else?"

"Yea since I am in charge of everything me and you will be working later than usual some nights but don't worry you will get a generous overtime pay."

"Well I'm down with that."

"Good. Can you please get us some food I am starving?"

"Sure what do you want?"

"Anything but pizza and tacos."

"I got you, I will have it to you in thirty minutes don't starve to death while you wait," she said walking out and closing the door.

In thirty minutes I had big bacon cheese burger with waffle fries. I loved eating burgers especially when they got messy and I was alone so no one could watch me. while eating I looked over the ideas Denise gave me for themes and just didn't like any of them. This event was going to make or break my career and I wanted to make sure everything was perfect. This charity event couldn't be cliché or it would not be worth anything.

"Ms. Marshall there is someone here to see you," Denise said through my phone. I knew it was someone important since she was calling me Ms. Marshall. "Send them in." I kept looking over some papers as the door opened and someone came in.

"So you can't even look at me," a familiar voice said making me want to jump out the window. "What do you want," I asked looking up at my mother. "What kind of tone is that to have with your mother?"

"I don't have time for your crap right now; I have too much work to get done before I have to go."

"I just came to see how you were doing. We haven't talked in a while and I wanted to make sure you were okay. I mean I know how it is too be alone."

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