Chapter Four

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Cordell POV

I woke up to little hands hitting me in the face repeatedly knocking me out my sleep. "Daddy get up," Sapphire said bouncing up and down on me. Instead of leaving her at my grandparents' I went and got her so we could hang out. "I'm up I'm up." I grabbed her and threw her up in the air. She laughed holding her stomach for dear life. "Alright go get dressed so we can go eat." She ran out of my room with a flash. It was Sunday and we always had breakfast at my grandparents'.

After my shower I threw on some navy blue jeans with a plain black t-shirt. I went and found Sapphire and she was all dressed. "You packed some clothes for tonight?"

"Yes, I have two outfits."

"Alright lil mama let's go," I grabbed her bag from her and followed her out to the car. We arrived just in time because as soon as we got through the door the smell of food hit my nose. "Take your clothes up to your room and then come back so we can eat."

I went and found my mamma at the stove cooking eggs. "What's good mamma?" she turned around and smiled at me like she knew something. "And who has you all happy?"

"A nigga can't just be happy?" she looked at me and then turned back around finishing what she was doing. "I thought I heard yo voice," my grandfather said coming into the kitchen. "You know it, it's Sunday."

"So you just come to eat my food and then leave huh."

"What can I say, mamma knows how to cook." Sapphire ran into the kitchen and sat down waiting to be served. "Maybe you need to find someone to cook for you instead of coming here."

"Actually I do have a date tonight so I need you to watch Sapphire for me."

"Sure sweetie besides we wanted to take her to the fair tonight but we were going to ask you before we took her." I looked at Sapphire and she had sad eyes like she was pleading with me. "She can go." When I said that Sapphire jumped out her seat dancing. I swear that little girl has issues.

When we were through eating pops took Sapphire to watch TV while I helped clean up. "So son tell me do you think this girl is the one?" I thought about her words and then answered. "Honestly it's something about her that makes me want to protect her and hold her for the rest of my life. A part of me believes she could be the one."

"Does she know about Sapphire?"

"I planned on telling her tonight. I just hope she is open minded about it all." I really meant that, I knew some women weren't so open about raising someone else's child but if she really wanted to get to know me Sapphire would just be a bonus. I also knew it wasn't easy for a woman to just pick up and take on the role of being a mother within a flash and I wasn't expecting that but I did hope she tried.

"If she cares about you enough then she will understand your situation." I soon headed out but not before promising Sapphire I would be here in the morning to take her to school. It was our thing she didn't let anyone take her not even my grandparents. I had to go and get ready for my date and I wanted to make sure I had everything planned out because I planned to knock her off her feet.

Lelaih POV

I decided today I was sleeping in until I had to get ready for my date with Cordell. I wasn't gonna lie I was kind of nervous to go but I promised him so I couldn't back out. I had found the right spot in the bed that was just amount of warmness and the sheets that covered me shielded me away from the cold. It was perfect.

My plans came to a halt when someone jumped on my bed interrupting everything. "Get that ass up!" I recognized that voice and groaned. I swear I was gonna take her damn key away. "GO away Grace." I turned over turning my back to her only to get a slap on my ass. "What the hell Grace?!" I was now wide awake and pissed. "I told you to get that ass up. Now get dressed with have a lot to do before your big date." I looked at her like she was crazy. "Get ready how?"

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