Chapter Sixty-Three

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"Do you think I can wear these shoes and keep them on or should I just wear flats?" I asked holding up my wedges and flats to Cordell. I had to get ready for the bachelorette party that Grace was throwing for me. I told her I didn't want one but she kept telling me you can't get married without one. I guess that's why my first one didn't work out. When I first got married, I didn't have anything not even the ring. Throughout our entire marriage he never bought me a ring. At first he promised he would buy me one when he could afford the right one but them months turned into years and I just gave up.

I mean I never needed a ring to prove my feelings but I just thought it showed me how much he wanted me. A ring, to me, symbolized the love the person I am marrying has for me. It shows me they want the world to know I'm taken.

"Wear the flats. You tried wearing them damn wedges the other day and I ended up carrying yo ass everywhere." I pouted because I really wanted to wear my wedges. They went with what I wanted to wear. "What if I put the flats in my purse?"

"Lelaih you are six months pregnant with twins, put on the flats and when you give birth you go back to wearing all the damn wedges you want." Sometimes he could be a real ass. I threw my wedges down and stomped into the closet to find something else to wear. I was so tired of not being able to wear what I wanted. It seemed like I was getting bigger by the damn second.

"What you doing," he asked coming in the closet. He was just wearing his boxers since he had to get ready to go to his bachelor party that his friends were throwing. "Finding something else to wear since you are being a jackass and won't let me wear my wedges." He sighed loudly like I was getting on his nerves. "Look if you want to wear the wedges, wear the damn wedges but I am not bringing you any shoes when those start to hurt your feet or you're ankles swell up." I stopped looking and turned around, "Fine ass hat." I stormed out of the closet with him following me. I don't know why but I just wanted to fight and this seemed to be the only way.

He grabbed me from behind stopping my movement. He waited until I was settled and then bent down kissing my neck in the right spot to make me relax. "I am just trying to make sure you are comfortable tonight. I want you to have fun and I know you won't if your feet are hurting you." He kissed my neck again waiting for me to respond. He was really making it hard to be mad at him. "I miss wearing my shoes."

He kissed me again, "I know but soon you will be able to wear them again, I promise."

"My dresses too?" he laughed, "Your dresses too. Hell I will even buy you some new ones if you want." I smiled and leaned further into him.

Silence passed by and the thought I always have crept in. my mind always found a way to make me second guess my self and safety and any relationship I ever have. "Can I ask you something?"

"What is it?"

"Do you think we rushed into things? Like maybe we should've waited to get married or even start a family? We didn't date long and now we are getting married and about to have kids." I had, had this thought from the moment he proposed but I didn't want to think it was true but I needed to know. I loved Cordell and I want to be his wife and I want to be a part of his family but I just want to make sure we are making the right call.

He turned me around to face him. "I didn't need any more time. I knew the moment I saw you, you were what I needed. I knew you would be my wife and I would do anything to make sure you were always happy no matter what. No amount of time would change the way I feel about you Lelaih, don't doubt our love because it's real and I can promise you I am never letting you go." A tear slipped down my face and nodded laying my head on his chest happy with the answer he gave. I finally found true love.

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