Chapter Fifty-Five

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"Wake up! Wake up! It's moving day! It's moving day!" I felt jumping on the bed and then I felt a hand on my face. "Daddy, mommy wake up its moving day!" then a hand went to my eyelid and lifted it. Sapphire came into view. "Lady bug what time is it?"

"I don't know." I looked over at Cordell and he was playing sleep. I looked at the clock and it was seven in the morning. "Lady bug can you give us two more hours?"

"No, it's moving day and I want to move to my new room."

"Your new room will be still there in two more hours."

"I want to do it now." I sighed, I just wanted to sleep. Cordell was still acting like he was sleeping. "Come on mommy get up."

"Okay give mommy a second." I laid there trying to get myself together and then suddenly I was hungry. I wonder what we had downstairs in the kitchen. Before I could think further I heard laughter and looked over and saw Cordell tickling Sapphire to death. "Stop daddy stop!"


"Because it hurts to laugh!" she laughed louder falling all over the place. "You wanted me to get up, now I'm up." He tickled her some more. "Daddy please!"

"If I stop will you leave mommy and daddy alone?"

"No," she said laughing. "Then I'll never stop!" she laughed louder trying to get away. "Mommy help me!"

"I wish I could lady bug but your dad is on one of his tickle moods and the only way to stop it is to let him sleep."

"But I want to move to the new house now," she pouted. "And we will in one hour."

"One hour?"

I held up one finger, "One whole hour."

"Okay you have one hour." Cordell stopped tickling her and let her go then laid back like nothing happened. She kissed both of us and then left out screaming moving day. "You know she's right we do need to get up from here." He looked at me with one eye open. "Do I need to tickle you into submission too?"

"You wouldn't, I have your children in me."

"Wouldn't I?" he held up his hands and made them look like claws. "Stop Cordell," I said laughing at him. "That's what I thought. Now I will only get up when I want to get up." I then thought about food again. "Baby what kind of food do we have in the kitchen?" he looked over at me. "Seriously you are thinking about food right now?"

"What I'm hungry." He sighed. "You want me to go and make you breakfast?" I made a sad face and shook my head. He threw the covers off of him and got up. "You better be glad I love you and my children." I laughed and laid back down to sleep.

When I woke back up Sapphire was feeling on my stomach like she was amazed. "What are you doing lady bug?"

"Trying to feel the babies inside you." She patted around like she wanted them to kick or something. "I can't feel anything?"

"They aren't going to kick yet." She pouted. "Where's daddy?"

"Downstairs cooking and singing. Does it hurt?"

"Does what hurt?"

"Having the babies inside you."

"No but it does feel weird. But you know what?"


"It's all worth it because when they come you have two new siblings to play with and protect."

"I can't wait."

We went downstairs to see what Cordell had cooked. He had cooked fully loaded omelets with grits and bacon. After we ate we got dressed and waited for Grace to come with the moving truck. I was sitting on the couch looking at a book of baby names. "No need for that book because I got the best baby names ever," Cordell said sitting down. "What you got?"

"Okay these are if it's boys: Andre." I shook my head no. "Jason?" I scrunched up my nose. "Then how about Andrew?"

"None of those sound like the right names."

"Seriously I spent a whole week on those."

"Seriously those names don't jump at me. Did you think of girl names?"

"No, why would I?"

"In case we have girls," I said in a duh tone. "We won't have girls so don't worry about all of that."

"Guess I will think of the girl names then."

"I told you no need, we are having boys." Before I could argue my point Grace finally came and we had to start loading up the truck. Of course no one would let me do anything so I just sat on the couch looking through the baby book. Occasionally they would let me load a small box but then scream I had to go sit down afterward. I eventually gave up and just said to hell with it. "Okay lazy ass let's go," Grace said with her hands on her hips. "Hey don't be calling me names."

"Well if the shoe fits."

"Ya'll were the ones that kept telling me to sit down!"

"Just come on Cordell took the girls with the first truck and we have to take this one." We got in the truck and headed to the new house. When we got to the house our parents were already waiting for us there and already putting things up where I told them to. Conrad and Cordell were trying to do what they call manly things while Elizabeth and my mother were setting up the living room and kitchen. "It's about time you two arrived," my mom said coming out to get some things out of the truck. "It was her fault." I sneered at Grace. "We are not going to finish this in one day if you don't move with a purpose."

"Mom I'm carrying two children inside me."

"Don't use my grandchildren as an excuse. Now grab something light and let's make this happen so I can get home to watch my shows." I grabbed some things and did what I was told.

By five we had everything in the house done but the nursery for the twins since we were only expecting one. I would have to make the changes later. Cordell and Conrad took the girls to go get us something to eat which gave me some time to rest because my feet were killing me.

"So how you holding up with my grandchildren?"

"I'm actually doing well with everything. The only thing on my mind is making partner."

"Don't worry about that baby, I know you will get it. You have been working your ass off for this so you know it will have to pay off."

"Yea. I 'm also still worried about what will happen when the kids get here. I don't know how to balance three kids and a job and I know people keep telling me it will be alright but I still can't help but be worried."

"I know but when they do get here, you will figure everything out with no problem. It will come to you and you will figure it out."

The guys eventually come back with Italian food and I was the first one to grab the food and eat. Felt like I hadn't eaten in forever.

Once everyone had left and Sapphire was sound asleep in her new room she had attacked us to be in, we had retired to our new bedroom. Cordell of course was on the bed with his body spread out. "Can you move yourself off my side?"

"This whole bed is my side, I just let you sleep on a part of it because I'm nice." I took a pillow and hit him. "Move." He then picked up a pillow, "If it's a pillow fight you want, it's a pillow fight I will give you."

"I just want you to move so I can rest my feet from carrying your heavy ass kids around."

"My kids ain't heavy, you just don't know how to walk." I gave him the, if you don't move now I will kill you stare and he laughed then moved over. "So how you liking our new house?"

"It's great but it's missing something."

"Oh yea? What's that?"

"Our two children growing inside me," I said rubbing my stomach. He leaned over and kissed me, "I couldn't agree with you more." Then he hit me with a pillow and went to sleep. I swear I hate him sometimes.

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