Chapter Sixty-Four

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"Mommy do I have to wear this dress? I want to wear something else," Sapphire came into our room pouting. "Yes, you do."


"Because tonight you have to look like the pretty princess you are. So can you please do that for mommy?" she sighed. "Yes mommy."

"Thank you." I kissed her on her cheek. "Now go get ready so we will be done by the time daddy comes." She ran off and I sighed sitting on the bed. I couldn't believe how close the wedding was. My stomach was in knots but I couldn't tell if was from nervousness or excitement. I knew I couldn't wait to be married to Cordell but I was starting to let the old me creep back in. That voice that was telling me the past was going to repeat itself was starting make its way back in. I didn't want to be this way but I couldn't help it. My marriage with Lucas had scarred me in so many ways that I didn't know if anything I did would heal them. I wanted to let go of my past but it just had a way making remember. I stared at the engagement ring Cordell gave me. I remember the night he proposed. I was so shocked I didn't know what to do. My first instinct was that it was too soon but my second was that all I wanted to do was spend my life with him. He wasn't Lucas and I had to realize that. He wasn't going to hurt me the way Lucas did. He loved me.

I put on my dress checking to make sure was okay. By the time I got my hair just right someone rang the doorbell.

"There you are! I stopped by to make sure everything is okay with you." I let my wedding planner in and she sat down on the couch. "Personally I think the rehearsal went very well."

"Yea it did. Couldn't believe it went so smoothly."

"Well with the wedding four days I would hope so. I was pleased that everyone knew their places. If they can keep that for the wedding then we should be in good shape. Are the guest here and ready for the wedding?"

"Most of them are here and some of them will be in, in two days. Is the venue all set for the wedding or is there something else we need to do?"

"The venue is all paid up and ready to go. We have the schedule for it so on your wedding day it will be gorgeous." I smiled. I was happy that everything was working out okay. I had enough to stress about then to be worried about whether or not the wedding would happen smoothly. "Make sure you are in the dressing room at one on the day of because we are on a schedule which means everything has to go accordingly." I nodded thinking about all the things I had to get ready before the day. Not to mention there were a lot of things I would have to do on day to get ready.

She grabbed my hand making me look at her, "Don't worry so much, everything will be okay I promise. We have planned this thing to a tee. Just relax and enjoy your big day. You deserve it."

"Thanks." She got up leaving the schedule of how the day is supposed to go and then left. This day was approaching fast. I never did this with my first wedding so this was new to me. I didn't know how I was supposed to feel. I felt happy but scared.

"I promise I will be ready in ten minutes," Cordell said running into our room. He quickly stripped off his coat throwing it on the bed. He pulled out his prepared out suit and began to put it on. I just quiet on the bed and watched him. As soon as I zoned out I felt him pulling on my arm. I snapped out of it and looked him in the eyes. "Baby what's wrong?"

"Nothing just thinking."

"Then tell me what you thinking and maybe I can reassure you of your troubles."

"Just thinking about how the wedding is coming up. I don't I guess I'm freaking out because I didn't have this the first time so I don't know how to feel. I just don't know how to feel Cordell." He smiled stroking my cheek. "Baby I get you are feeling some sort of way and I want you to know I'm here for you. I know your first marriage didn't work out so well but I want you to know our marriage will not be the same. You have to believe that, you have to have faith in us or we won't work. So do you trust me?"

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