Chapter Eleven

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Again I had to get up early so that I could go with Grace to meet with her lawyer about this custody battle. I just wish one morning I could just sleep in with no interruptions. I had already took a shower and now I was cooking myself some breakfast. While I was flipping the last French toast Grace came in. "I swear I lock the door and yet I still have intruders."

"Girl please you gave me a damn key, what you thought was going to happen?"

"I thought you would only use it in case of emergency not just so you could avoid knocking like a normal person."

"Why knock when I could just open the door myself?"

"Because this is not your damn place!" she just waved me off as she ate a French toast. I grabbed mine and sat down to eat as well. "So you nervous about today?"

"What kind of question is that?!"

"I was just asking."

"I don't know what I am going to do if he is allowed to take my child away from me."

"Don't think that way, everything will be okay." She nodded and kept eating. I eventually went upstairs to find something to wear. I decided on a simple black dress that stopped mid-thigh that had v cut in the front. I kept my hair down and lose as I added my black and nude pumps. When I got finished it was getting close to time for our meeting.

"If you don't hurry up before we are late!" I ignored her and just locked up. I decided that I would drive in case I wanted to leave her by the road or something. I loved my best friend but sometimes she made me want to hurt her.

We got to the law office in thirty minutes and I was happy as hell because Grace had been changing the stations nonstop. I swear I was ten seconds away from shoving her out the door. "Get out." She looked shocked. "What is your problem?"

"You are. Damn do you know how annoying you are?"

"I love you too," she said getting out. I took a minute before I got out and followed her into the building.

"How may I help you," some young girl said smiling wide at us. "We are here to see Mr. Stone." She checked her computer and then smiled. "Right follow me and he will be with you shortly." We followed her to a room that was surrounded by glass windows. The inside was huge like it was meant to fit thirty people or something.

"Damn this place is nice."

"Don't matter how the nice the place is, the question is can he do his job." I sat down in a seat in the middle while we waited for this man to show up. I was still unsure about this man but was willing to give him a try but if I didn't like him I would definitely say it.

"Sorry I am late but I was stuck in a conference." This guy walked in wearing a dark blue suit that looked custom made. He had dark shirt hair and nice chocolate skin. I had to admit the guy looked very yummy.

"You are Grace Lewis right," he asked looking at some papers in front of him. "Yes that is me."

"And you are?"

"I am Lelaih Marshall, her best friend."

"Okay then let's get to work. I see here your ex or the father of your child that is now two years old is filing for full custody."

"Yes, after he bailed on us when I told him I was pregnant he is now back trying to be a father."

"Well Ms. Lewis I am sorry to inform you that he legally has the right to see his child. But before we go any further he is requesting a DNA test to make sure the child is his. Once that is taken care of then we will take the following steps necessary to shared custody."

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