Chapter Seventeen

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Today was the official day of the charity event and I was freaking out. Besides that it was Valentine's day and Cordell was not beside me. I woke up to a bed that seemed to be cold. I took a shower and then headed downstairs. As I got closer to the kitchen I heard voices. In front of me was a messy Sapphire and a shirtless Cordell trying to make breakfast. "What do you two think you are doing?"

"Lelaih you weren't supposed to come down. We were supposed to bring the food up to you," Sapphire said pouting at me as she walked to me. I picked her up and walked over to what they were doing. "I didn't mean to ruin your plans lady bug but I came to see where your daddy had went."

"Me and daddy were making you breakfast for valentine's day."

"Exactly what were you making?"

"We were trying to make the blueberry waffles and caramel French toast you make but nothing was working right," Cordell said sighing. I thought it was cute they were trying to make me breakfast. My ex never made me breakfast, he would just order me to. It just felt so weird having a loving family want to make something for me with no strings attached. "You ok," Cordell asked snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Yea I was just taking in the mess you two made." I looked around the kitchen and there were dishes everywhere not to mention the mess they had mad. "Are you mad at us," Sapphire asked like she was in major trouble. "No, I'm not mad at you lady bug but next time maybe you should come and get me to help you."

"I wanted to surprise you though."

"How about this we can make breakfast together and that will make me even happier because that way we can do it together the way it should be." A smile was place back on her face which made me feel good. I sat her down and turned to Cordell. He was smiling like a fool. "And why are you smiling you do realize you are going to clean this up?" he didn't say anything but just smirked and turned around to go clean the dishes. I swear that man confuses me more every day.

After we cleaned up the mess they made we got started on breakfast. I showed them how to make blueberry waffles and the caramel French toast. We also added sausage patties since Cordell complained that there wasn't any meat and a man needed meat. "Okay everyone sit down so we can have our first Valentine's day breakfast." I gave Sapphire the patties to put on the table since she insisted on helping.

I loved having a meal like this, it just made me feel like I had come a long way in my life since my divorce. I loved knowing I had a family I could have breakfast with and not be scared of what might happen. "I like the bracelet you have Sapphire."

"Thanks daddy gave it to me this morning," she cheesed as she looked at Cordell. I swear he spoils her but hey she was his child. Once we finished we cleaned up once again. The doorbell rang and Sapphire rushed to go answer it with Cordell right behind her. I on the other hand took my time to see who it was. When I did make it I came in contact with Elizabeth and Conrad. "There you are we came to give you and Sapphire these," she handed me a bouquet of lilies that matched the ones Sapphire had.

"Wow thank you I don't know what to say. I wish I gotten you guys something."

"Oh sweetie don't worry about it you have done enough for us just by making our grandson happy." She hugged me tight like she thought I would go somewhere. "I'll take these to the kitchen and put them in some water," Cordell said taking my flowers. His grandmother followed him closely. Something was going on with him but I didn't know what. "Lelaih sit down talk to me for a minute before they get back," Conrad said patting a spot beside him. I really didn't know how to handle situations like this I mean I never had a dad so I was lost in these types of situations. "Okay what do you want to talk about?"

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