Chapter Nineteen

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"I don't know if I should go through with this. I should just cancel the whole thing."

"Will you stop worrying Cordell gosh me and Sapphire will be okay until you get back." He sighed sitting on the bed. "Are you sure I mean I feel like I'm rushing you to be her mother if I do this."

"Technically I will be her mother when we get married so this will be a chance for us to connect. You should be happy she loves me and I love her, it's not like she runs every time she sees me."

"Nah instead she runs to you completely ignoring her dad," he said laughing. "Look you go on your business trip and Sapphire and I will have fun until you get back. Besides you need to go Los Angles to settle this building thing so that Trenton can't get it, this is your business."

"I know I just don't want to leave you two alone but I love and trust you."

"Good now get up and help me pack so you won't miss your flight." Once we finished packing his things we headed to the airport. I was a little nervous about having Sapphire for a whole week but I was confident we could do it. I had taken care of Trinity all the time so I should be able to so this.

"Crap we barely made it!"

"I told you not to stop and get her ice cream," I said laughing as he jumped out the car to get his bags. I let Sapphire out picking her up since she looked tired. "Okay daddy's girl I need you to be good for Lelaih while I'm gone. I will call every day to make sure you are okay and to hear about your day. I love you."

"Love you too daddy," she whispered going to sleep on my shoulder. When it came to me he grabbed my face kissing me for dear life. "Man I'm going to miss those lips."

"I love you."

"I love you more, I will call you when I get to the hotel." With that he was gone and I was left with a now sleeping Sapphire.

Before I got home I stopped and got us a pizza since I didn't feel like cooking after everything that happened. By the time we got home Cordell had called saying he had made it and I was now watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix while eating pizza.

"Lelaih?" Sapphire came in rubbing her eyes. "You finally woke up from your nap I see?" she climbed on the bed snuggling up to me. She took a slice of pizza from the box. "What are you doing?"

"Just watching a TV show online."

"Can we look up dresses for the wedding?"

"Really I didn't think you would want to help with that?"

"I do! Can I?"

"Of course!" the rest of the night we looked up wedding dresses and flower girl dresses until we both fell asleep.

So it has been three days since Cordell left and I think I have finally gotten into the swing of things. We figured out a morning routine that works so that we both get to where we need to on time. When the alarm blared into my ear I managed to turn it off. I slowly rolled over getting myself together. I got out and made my way to Sapphire's room to wake her up. "Sapphire get up lady bug." I shook her lightly waiting for her to pull the covers over her head like always.

"Come on get up or we are going to be late and if we are late then we can't stop and get breakfast like we talked about." She quickly rose up at the opportunity of not eating cereal for breakfast. When I saw her getting up and going to the bathroom I went to take a shower myself. These last few days I have really missed Cordell. Even though he has called every day like promised it's just not the same. However, I do have Sapphire to keep me busy so I guess I will make it.

After I was done with my shower I saw Sapphire sitting on the bed watching SpongeBob waiting for me to do her hair like I have done every morning. I put her hair in two puff balls since her hair was thick and curly just like mine. I added cute ribbons that matched her dress she was wearing today.

"Okay now go get dressed and meet me at the door in an hour."

I took out a red pant suit where the pants stopped at the ankle. I took out a silk white blouse to go under it. When I did my makeup I got dressed slipping on my red pumps. I put my hair into a bun adding my silver dangling earrings. I checked myself over to make sure I looked okay.

"You ready lady bug?"


"You got your homework, right?"

"Yes, it's in my book bag." I nodded locking up and heading to the car. Sapphire was very independent and I guess I had her dad to thank for that. He is all about making sure she knows how to take care of herself and he has done a great job.

I stopped by McDonalds and got us breakfast and then dropped her off at school. I don't know what Cordell was talking about because she never threw a fit when I first took her to school.

"Mr. Richards is waiting in your office," Denise said I as I walked in. "Why?"

"I don't know I was hoping you would tell me."

"Some help you are." I walked in only to be greeted with Mr. Richards sitting in my chair. "Mr. Richards."

"Aww you finally made it Ms. Marshall."

"Um yes what can I do for you?"

"I came to tell you what a great job you did with the charity event and the unveiling of the new collection," he stood up walking over to where I was. "Thank you."

"I also came to tell you that because of the great job you did you are definitely in the running to being partner. The other partners agree you would be a great asset to have."

"Wow thank you that means a lot."

"That's not all, since you helped us out we want to help you. We want to give a bigger budget for your personal project and unlimited access to this seasons and previous season collections." I didn't know what to say. "Well I am very thankful for your generosity."

"Don't thank us you earned it."

Throughout the day I went from one meeting to the next. I swear this girl's program needed more attention than the charity event.

"Hey you have a phone call." I picked up the phone expecting it to be someone I had a meeting with but instead it was Sapphire's school. She had been throwing up all day. I told them I would be coming to pick her up. I called in Denise so she could cancel my other meetings.

"Yea what you need?"

"I need you to cancel all my other meetings I need to go pick up Sapphire from school she is sick."

"I got you, boss."

Once I got Sapphire she looked horrible. I really didn't know what happened to her, she was fine this morning. I took her to the doctor and they said she just had a minor cold. I got the medicine they prescribed and headed home.

When we got home I ran her a bath and let her play with her toys while I made her some soup. I know how I like a hot soup when I was sick so I know she will love this. Once I took her out I changed her in some shorts with the matching top. I put her in my bed so that I could keep an eye on her throughout the night.

"Here take this medicine it will make you feel better." She took the medicine making a face at how nasty it was. I just laughed. I got changed myself into a t-shirt dress so that I could be comfortable.

The soup was finally done so I took it up to Sapphire before she went to sleep since I knew that medicine would knock her out.

"Here take this for me so I know you have at least eaten something; I swear it will make you feel better."

"Will you feed it to me?"

"Sure lady bug." I got in the bed and she instantly snuggled up to me. I fed her most of the soup until she couldn't eat anymore. I decided to just let her sleep since I could see the medicine was working. She laid her head in my lap as she got under the covers. Before she dozed off she whispered one last thing, "Thanks mom."


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