Chapter Fifty-Seven

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I was in the kitchen cooking when I heard the door close letting me know Cordell and Sapphire was home. I knew I would soon be found so I just kept doing what I was doing. Soon Cordell came in undoing his tie and taking off his jacket. He kissed my cheek and leaned against the counter. "Where's Sapphire?"

"She went to her room."

"That's odd."


"Whenever she gets home she always come in and says hello or at least hugs me." He laughed. "Well she's growing up baby. Besides I think somethings wrong with her."

"Why do you say that?"

"The whole way home she was quiet and you and I both know that girl is never quiet."

"Then maybe one of us should go talk to her."

"Nah give her some time. She is four what could she possibly be that upset about. Probably something that happened at school and long as it's not boys I'm good." He might not have been worried about it but I sure as hell was. I don't know maybe since I hadn't dealt with Sapphire when something is wrong, I just thought the world was coming to an end. I wasn't used to her acting like this but apparently he was. For now I would sit back and listen to him but if I thought I needed to step in I would.

"Tell me how the whole expanding your company is going."

"It's not going and that's the problem." He ribbed the back of his neck and sat down at the island. I handed him a beer and stood in front on him. "Why not? I thought you said you had everything under control."

"I thought I did but things have seemed to come to a complete stop."

"Then you are going to have to figure out a way to get back up again."

"That means I'm going to have to fly to Chicago and see what is going on in person."

"Then do that."

"I don't want to do that especially with everything we have going on. I need to be here to take care of you and make sure we are good."

"Baby I don't know if you have realized it or not but I am a grown ass woman and I am more than capable of taking care of myself while you are gone." He sighed. "I will see. First, I will see if I can fix it from here and if I can't then I will make the plans to go."

"Why do you think things have stopped though?"

"I don't know, I think someone is messing with my shit and if they are it will be the last thing they do."

"You sound serious there."

"Oh I am and trust me I am not the kind of man whose money you mess with." He took a sip of his beer and sat back thinking of his next move.

So it has been two days and Sapphire has been avoiding me. Anytime I ask her something she just nods and or doesn't say anything. If I try to spend time with her, she tells me she has to do something for school. I knew when she first came home upset something bad was happening but now I know for sure. I didn't know why she was acting so cold towards me but it kind of hurt. I thought we had a special connection but now I was starting to think it was gone.

I needed to talk to someone about it so I decided to stop by Cordell's office and see what he thought. "Can I help you," a girl who I assume was his assistant asked me. "I am here to see Mr. Jackson." She typed on her computer. "Do you have an appointment?"

"No, but I'm sure he will make time for me." She typed again, "I'm sorry but Mr. Jackson is extremely busy." She smiled. I really didn't have time for her crap right now. "Well how about you go check and see." I smiled back.

"I would but as I stated before Mr. Jackson is extremely busy and told me under no circumstances was I to let anyone in especially if they don't have an appointment." I sighed. "How about you tell him his wife is here to see him and let's see if he suddenly becomes available." Her smiled dropped and I knew I had won whatever the hell this was. She hit something on the phone and told him what I said and a few minutes later he came out of his office. "Baby." He came to me and kissed me on my lips. He grabbed my hand pulled me inside his office. "Why you frowning like that?" he sat down and sat me on his lap. "Maybe because your assistant acts more like a jealous girlfriend then someone who works for you."

"What you mean," he asked now frowning. "When I was trying to see you I basically had to pull out the, I'm your wife card just so she would tell you I was here."

"I will fix it and I will make sure to tell her whenever you come to just send you right in."

"And to drop the attitude." He kissed my cheek. "And to drop the attitude." He sat back and pulled me with him. "So what do I owe this lovely visit from my wife?"

"I came to talk to you about the way Sapphire has been acting lately and I know you have noticed."

"Yes, I have noticed but what do you want to do about it?"

"I've been thinking and maybe she's acting this way because she doesn't like me anymore. Maybe she doesn't want me to marry you anymore and we have been rushing things this whole time."

"That's cray and you know it. That little girl loves you to death."

"Really? Then why has she been avoiding me for the past two days?"

"Look just talk to her and try to get down to bottom of whatever this is because I highly doubt she doesn't want us to get married."

"And if she does?"

"Then we will deal with it when it happens but for now go talk to her and stop all this worrying, you going make me children become in distress." He put his hands around my stomach. "These aren't the children I'm worried about right now." He grabbed my chin and made me look at him. "No matter what she is still our child. Hell she calls you mommy and I doubt that will change in two days."

When I left Cordell's office I went and took Sapphire out of school early. I was going to take his advice and get down to the bottom of whatever was bothering her. I decided to go to the park so it wouldn't feel like I was attacking her. We sat down on a bench and I turned to look at her. "I know you are probably wondering why I took you out of school early but I didn't know what to do since you have been avoiding me lately. I want you to know that if you have decided that you don't want me to marry your daddy anymore then I won't. I don't ever want to do anything you aren't happy about."

"I want you to marry my daddy."

"Then why have you been avoiding me?"

"I'm afraid that when you have the babies you won't love me anymore."

"Why would you think that?"

"Because that's what some kids at school said. They said when the babies get here you will forget about me." She begin to cry. I picked her up and put her on my lap. I wiped her tears away. "Listen to me I will always love you no matter what."

"Even when you have the babies?" she cried some more. "They will be your real kids not me." Another tear escaped her little eyes. This is what had been bothering her this entire time. "You listen to me, you are my real kid. Even though I am having children you will always be my first child no matter what anyone else says. I will always love you and I will always be your mother, do you hear me?"

"You promise?"

"I promise and don't you let anyone else tell you otherwise. I am your mother." She sniffled and hugged me tight. For five minutes we just sat there hugging each other tight. I lifted her back to look at me. "I want you to promise me that whenever you have something on your mind, you will come to me or daddy and tell us. I don't want you to push us away, okay?" she nodded, "Okay." I kissed her forehead. "I love you lady bug."

"I love you too mommy."

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