Chapter Thirty-Four

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I rolled out of bed stretching out my arms. I was alone since Cordell took Sapphire and Trinity with his grandad to go fishing. Since they were having their fun Elizabeth decided we should have a girls' day at her place. I hadn't a girls' day in forever. Usually when Grace and I had a girls' day we got stupid drunk while watching movies and eating a ton of junk food. Every once in a while she would drag me to the club but that rarely happened.

After I took a shower I walked out in just a towel. I felt like I hadn't been alone in forever. I was either around Cordell or Sapphire and that was okay but sometimes I needed some alone time. I felt worn out with everything going on. My body felt heavy and my mind felt like it had been running a marathon. I just wanted everything to end and to be normal.

I went to my closet and picked out some black tights with a long off white knit sweater since it was cold outside. I slipped on my UGG boots and headed out.

When I got there I could see everyone was already here. "There you are! I was about to send a search party for yo ass," Grace said with a drink in her hands.

"I took my time getting ready."

"Well while you taking yo sweet little time, you missing out on the drinks."

"Can't drink since I am trying to get pregnant." She made a face. Trust me if I could drink I would, it would make everything so much easier. Hell that's how I used to cope. I followed her into the living room to see all the woman of my life sitting around with drinks in their hand laughing and talking. I found a seat by my mother who instantly pulled me into her. It was strange having a mother since I never really had one. She would call me in the middle of the day to see how I was or text me asking to have lunch. Sometimes she would send me random pictures for the wedding or to just make me laugh. I wanted so badly to be mad at her but the feeling inside me wanted my mother so if she was willing to work on it then so was I. I really wanted her to give me away at my wedding.

"How you feeling sweetie?"

"I'm fine just trying to take it one day at a time."

"That's all you can do baby girl."

"How have you been?" she smiled brightly. "Well to be honest I met a man. I met him at the grocery store." Where have I heard this story? "So when do I get to meet me him?"

"Didn't think you would be too excited to meet him." I turned around to face her. "Of course I would want to meet him mom. I want to see who has you smiling like a teenager," I said shoving her a little. "In that case soon as I feel he is worth it, I will definitely introduce you." I nodded as she wrapped her arm around me. I loved these moments especially since it was with my mom. I never thought we would be here so to actually be witnessing it was enough to make me be grateful.

"Alright girls we have a wedding to plan," Elizabeth said sitting down with a huge thing of liquor. Grace bought me some juice as she sat down too.

"I thought she got a wedding planner?"

"She did but that wedding planner can't do half the things we can. Let's just be honest we know what's best for this wedding." Grace looked at me but I just shrugged. I was not about to argue with my mom and Elizabeth. They were acting as if it was their wedding. "Exactly what are we talking about here?"

"We need to think about the wedding dress and the brides' maid dresses."

"What are the colors?" then everyone turned to me for answers. Honestly I really hadn't thought about it that deeply. "I don't know what they are, haven't really thought about it."

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