Chapter Forty-Three

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So today was our last day in Hawaii and to say I was upset was an understatement. I had just started enjoying myself and now I would have to go back and work. I did need to finish up on my project since the day was approaching fast.

I laid in bed looking at the ceiling with my hand on my stomach. Hotel beds really weren't made for comfort or maybe it was because I was pregnant but for some reason I couldn't stand this bed. The entire time here I slept on Cordell which he didn't seem to mind.

"What you thinking about?"

"How this is the last day here and I don't want to go." I sat up and watched him as he picked out some clothes to wear. "Yea I was thinking about that and thought we should rent a yacht and sail on the ocean."

"That sounds like it would be too much."

"Baby girl I keep telling you money is no object. So do you want to do it or not?" for some reason I just couldn't get used to Cordell or any man making a fuss over me. Lucas never did that so it just felt odd to have him to. "You think the girls would want to?"

"Sapphire loves boats so yea."

"Okay we can do that, I know Grace will enjoy the sun bathing and drinking aspect. You think you could rent scuba diving gear too?"

"You want to scuba diving?"

"Yea I always wanted to but I never had the chance."

"What about the baby?"

"Baby the baby will be fine, I will just go down to see what it looks like and then come back on the boat. Please?"

"Fine but not too long. Now get dressed and I will go get Sapphire dressed and tell Grace too."

"Make sure you send her in her so I can do her hair!" I yelled after him.

I went and took a shower so I could get dressed. Since I wasn't showing too much I chose to wear a to piece bathing suit that was white with blue roses all over it. I put my hair in a bun so I could get it wet. "Mommy can you do my hair now?" Sapphire walked in with her yellow flowery one piece. "Well don't you look cute lady bug!" I picked her planting kisses all over her face. "Stop it mommy!" she squirmed wiping the kisses off her face. "What now you don't like your mommy's kisses?"

"I will always love your kisses mommy."

"Good cause I'm never stopping. Now sit down so I can do something with this hair of yours."

Once we were dressed we ordered the lunches to take with us. Cordell rented the yacht and the scuba gear. The boat was amazing and huge. "Wow did you rent the biggest ship they had," Grace said looking at Cordell. "I told them I wanted the best money could buy so I guess I did," he said shrugging. She looked at me, "If you ever think things won't work out between you two please let me know so I can swoop in because this is the damn life!"

"Sure Grace I will let you know if I feel my marriage is failing."

"That's all I ask of you best friend. I mean I will be pissed if you let some other hussy get to him before me."

"Yo ass better be glad I know you playing or else that would be your ass." She just shrugged walking off to go get a drink. "That's yo friend," Cordell whispered in my ear and then kissed me on my neck. That one action had my body on overload. "You know what does do to me."

"Trust me baby I know," he said walking off like nothing happened.

When we were far enough we stopped and put on our scuba gear. Cordell and Grace decided to stay on the boat because Grace was drunk by now and Cordell was timing me to make sure I got out in time. "You ready girls?"

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