Chapter Twenty-Nine

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I woke up this morning feeling very emotional and edgy. My hormones were all over the place and I felt like I would crack at any moment. Of course I couldn't tell Cordell this because I didn't want him to know how much I was struggling. I know how bad he wants this baby so I didn't want to let him down. "Hey you okay?"

"Yea I'm fine." I went to my closet to find something to wear. Lately I haven't liked anything in my closet which causes me to be even more emotional. Plus the constant rejection of not being pregnant after almost a month. I know it's not supposed to be a quick thing or this kind of thing takes time but I can't help the feeling that creeps up inside me every time a a pregnancy test says negative. "You sure, you don't seem to good?"

"Yea babe I just feel little off other than that I'm okay."

"You know you can tell me if you aren't okay, right?"

"I know but I promise you I am fine." He looked at me as if determining if I was lying or not and then nodded. I know he probably didn't believe me but talking about it wasn't going to help either. He left to go take Sapphire to school while I finished looking for an outfit. I finally decided on a red sundress that flared out at the bottom. It stopped at my knee and had a V cut shape in the front. I went and put my hair in a tight bun and then applied my makeup. I got dressed adding my matching pumps.

I really didn't feel like going to work but I couldn't keep taking off. When I got to my office Denise was in there typing away on my computer. "Is your computer broken or something?"

"Nope but I was putting in some dates you needed to remember and making sure all your information was up to date."

"You couldn't just tell me all of this?" I sat my purse down and walked over to her. "I could have but that would've been too much work."

"You better be glad I like you now get out of my chair." She finished typing then got up taking a bunch of files with her. "What are those?"

"Files about the girls' program, I was going to make copies of them. Speaking of which you have a meeting about all of this in an hour."

"Who with?"

"The event coordinator you hired. She claims to have everything ready for your approval and wanted to go over everything with you before she made anything final."

"Well make sure you are there too."

"Okay." She left out and I sat down. I swear I was always busy with something. I wanted to run back home and just lay in bed all day but I knew I had to get this done.

An hour had passed and now I was heading to this meeting. I had put everything into this girls' program and hoped everything worked out. "You ready boss lady?"

"Yea." I grabbed my things and we headed to the conference room. I had hired a woman that claimed she had been doing these types of things all the time. Of course I was skeptical so I told her I wouldn't pay her until I saw what she could do. "Ms. Marshall good to see you again!"

"Good to see you too Mrs. Black." We shook hands and we sat down to get down to business. "This is my assistant and she will be sitting in and taking notes on what happens."

"Okay well let's get to work." She pulled out a bunch of files and papers like she wrote down everything she thought of.

"Okay since we have confirmed a date this is much easier. I thought it would be good to start off the program with everyone involved gathered with a buffet breakfast. Is that okay?"

"That sounds nice but that would mean I need to find a caterer for this breakfast." Denise wrote down what I said. "Yes, a caterer would be needed for this if that is a problem I can think of something else."

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