Chapter Sixty-One

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I woke up to someone kicking me with their foot. I tried to ignore it but it got worse. I turned over and found Cordell smiling at me. "You're up?"

"I'm going to kill you one day I swear." He just smiled wider and then stretched out. "One day you are going to disappear and when they ask what happened to you I'm just going to shrug and act like I know nothing."

"You wouldn't dare."

"Kick me again and you will see. Now why did you kick me awake?"

"Wanted to talk."

"It's eight in the morning and you want to talk, are you serious?"

"Yea. I been gone and I want to catch up with my future wife. So future wife do you still want to marry me?" I looked at him dully. "No." he turned over and laughed. "Okay I guess I will have to remember never to interrupt you while sleeping."

"I swear Cordell if you don't tell me why you woke me up I am going to murder you right here and then go back to sleep."

"We never chose baby names. They will be here before we know it, so we need to pick some names."

"We tried this and all your names were terrible."

"I came up with some new ones." I narrowed my eyes at him. "What are they?"

"Okay if it's a boy, Jaden or Caleb." At least they were better than the last ones. "I like Jaden." He smiled wide. "Yes! I finally got one that you like!"

"That may be true but we still have one more name that we have to come up with. Plus you still haven't come up with any girl names."

"I keep telling you, we are having boys so stop with this girl name shit."

"And what happens when if we do have a girl?" he screwed up his face. "Then I guess you gonna have to come up with some names." I sighed, I really didn't have time for him right now. We talked some more about names and I got him to think of some baby girl names just in case. We finally decided that if we twin girls the names would be Isabella and Kadence, if it were twin boys the names would Jaden and Kaden, and if we had a boy and girl we would pick from them. It was like pulling teeth to get him to consider we might have a girl. I know he wanted boys but that's just not how biology works.

Just as I was about to go back to sleep I heard a noise. I looked at Cordell and he didn't seem fazed so I just laid back down. Soon as I closed my eyes, the door to our room bust open there stood my mom and Elizabeth. "Okay love birds it's time for you to go!"

"Go where?"

"Look we will discuss it later but you two need to get up and get dressed."

"Why? And why are you kicking us out of our own home?"

"Talk less and move more. We will explain everything to you when you are dressed and ready." They dragged both of us from the bed and forced us into the bathroom together. I guess they figured if we showered together it would cut down on time, but they really didn't know Cordell. The entire time he couldn't keep his hands to himself which made us take a little longer than it should have.

When we finally did get done showering we got dressed. "Okay now that you two have finally gotten dressed you can be on your way." We both looked at each other confused. "Where exactly are we supposed to be going and why are we being forced out of our home?"

"We can't tell you anything but what we can tell you is that we have arranged a dancing lesson for the two of you so you can be ready on your wedding day. Then we have made reservations at the restaurant Red and White."

"That's sweet but why are ya'll doing this for us?"

"Let's just say this is our early wedding present to you." They smiled as they pushed us out of the door. We got in the car and headed to the address they gave us. When we got to the place the dance teacher explained to us what we needed to know and got us started.

We learned the salsa and the waltz. I did always want to take dance lessons so this was so much fun for me. The entire time Cordell was stepping on my feet, I swear he had two left feet. We eventually just ended up playing around where he chased me around the dance studio. Since I was very much pregnant, I wasn't able to escape him or even really run.

After the class we headed to the restaurant and I was beyond happy for that. They had rushed us out so fast I didn't have time to eat and being pregnant and not eating wasn't a good combination.

"Can I help you," a man in a grey suit asked when we entered the restaurant. "Um we have reservation." He smiled, "And what is the name under?"

"Um try Jackson." He typed the name in his computer to check if for the reservation. "Ah yes we have you right here. A reservation for two?" Cordell nodded his head. "Alright then follow me." Cordell grabbed me as we followed the man to our table. The smell of the food hit me and my stomach growled.

He showed us to a table that was outside and only had two chairs. There were orchids everywhere that was used as decoration. Candles sat in the middle of each table to create a mood. "Wow how did our parents pull this off?"

"They obviously have their ways." He ordered us our drinks and we looked over the menu. Nothing was catching my eye until I saw crab cakes with bacon ravioli smothered in three kind of cheeses. I salivated just at the thought. When the waiter came I told him what I wanted and Cordell ordered grilled salmon with wild rice.

"So our wedding is coming up soon," Cordell said stuffing a piece of bread in his mouth. "I am fully aware of this fact."

"You excited?"

"Not really excited but just anxious. I feel like this whole process has taken forever."

"Glad you anxious to marry me."

"Not really anxious just dreading the action," I said joking with him. He threw a piece of bread at me like he was mad. The waiter soon came back with our food and I was happy as hell. I immediately stuffed my face with ravioli. The cheese melted right in my mouth.

"So what are we doing for our honeymoon Mr. Boss man?"

"Why Italy of course just as you have requested. And we get there we are going to be happily married and you will finally be my wife." He grabbed my hand kissed it. "How is your business since you went there?"

He sighed, "Had to fire a few people but now things running like they should be. I have looked up the numbers and progress and everything seems to be running smoothly." I nodded and finished my food. I enjoyed the time we shared together. We always seemed to find a way to make things our own no matter what people thought.

My phone went off and it was my mom telling me come home. I really didn't know what the hell they were up to. First they kicked us out of our own home and now they wanted us back. "Who is it?"

"My mom they want us to come home." He put down some money and then stood up, "Then home we shall go."

When we got back to the house it was quiet and cars were everywhere. Before we could open the door, it flew open and we were pulled in. Once I finally got my senses back and looked around I saw everyone was gathered and looking at us. "What's going on?"

"Your surprise baby shower, duh!" Grace yelled. Sapphire ran to me all dressed up in pink. She looked adorable.

They had everything set up with every baby theme you could think of. We played some baby games and opened up some gifts. Cordell looked so bewildered and I felt the same way. I never even thought about a baby shower. I was so caught up with everything else I completely forgot about the basics. "Come one we want to show you something," my said pulling me up the stairs.

"What are you up to now?"

"Just be quiet and follow." They led us to the nursery. "Now we know you have been busy lately so we did this for you." They opened the door and revealed what they had done. They had repainted the room and put two cribs in. everything now was made for twins. My eyes started to water. "You guys did this?"

"We know you could use some help so we decided to start with this." I walked in and just took in everything. Seeing the two cribs made me realize, I was finally going to be a mother.

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