Chapter Thirteen

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I grabbed my key out of my purse and went to let myself in but the door was open. I went upstairs to find Grace and fond her in Trinity's room crying. "Hey I am sorry I am late but we had to drop off Sapphire." I kneeled down in front of her trying to comfort her the best I could. "Tell me what happened."

"I asked my mom to pick up Trinity form daycare since I had to work late. I thought I would see them when I got home but no one was here. When I called my mom she said Trinity had already been picked up and she thought I had got to her and just forgot to tell her. I called the daycare lady she said her dad picked her up today. Tell me how the hell did he pull this off!" she was now a crying mess in my arms. I looked at Cordell and he was beyond pissed. "Do you know where he could be?"

"No I haven't talked to Damien in two years besides the time he came by Le's." he pulled out his phone and dialed some numbers. "What are you doing?"

"Handling this. I am calling her lawyer and my PI guy, I want answers now." He left the room now in boss man mode. "Stop crying we are going to Trinity back. Cordell will not let Damien get away with this trust me."

"I know but I just keep picturing Trinity asking for me scared out of her mind." I knew what she meant. Trinity was only two and very attached to her mother so not being able to be with her would make her go crazy.

The rest of the night consisted of me holding Grace while she cried until she eventually asleep and me soon after her. Cordell spent the night yelling at multiple people about how they let this happen. He hated not being in control and the fact this got around him was eating him alive.

When I woke up the sun was hitting me in the face and my back was killing me from this little bed. I eased out the bed so I didn't wake up Grace and went downstairs. When there I found Cordell sitting at the table looking into space. "You okay?"

"No. I just keep imagining what if this was happening to me and someone took Sapphire away from me."

"Don't think like that. Besides you have full custody of Sapphire so no worries." I sat down beside him. "Yea and I'm happy I do because I wouldn't be able to go through this."

"Well the main thing is we help Grace through this because she is not going to last much longer without her child."

"Already handled. She has a court date this morning with Damien to get her child back. I figured if we keep this in the court and documented then we can't go wrong."

"That's good but when did you sleep last night?" he just shrugged. "Cordell I know you are worried about this but you can't stop taking care of yourself, you need to sleep."

"I will sleep when Trinity is back with Grace."

"Fine but as soon as this is over you are going to bed until I am satisfied you are well rested." He smiled, "Yes ma'am."

"Until then I am making us some breakfast before you have to go to court." I got up and made something simple, pancakes. I knew no one was starving more worried so I made something they could barely eat but be full. As I finished a zombie like Grace walked into the kitchen. "I see you are up."

"Any word?"

"Yea we have a court date at eleven to get Trinity back," Cordell said looking at his phone. "Wow I didn't think that would happen so quick."

"Well Cordell here has been up all night bothering people until he got what he wanted. Now eat something," I said putting a plate in front of both of them. I slapped Cordell upside his head to make him put his phone down and eat.

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