Chapter Sixty-Eight

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"I still don't understand why I couldn't keep them with me? I mean I am their mother." I turned around to face Cordell only to wince from the pain. He looked at me making sure I was good then back at the road. "I told you they didn't need to stay in that hospital, especially if they could be sleeping in their own cribs." I sighed sitting back. The twins had been released before me so our parents decided they would watch them while I was stuck in the hospital. The entire time I sulked because I wasn't able to see them when I wanted. I was recovering well but I still had to be careful with the way I moved. Sometimes if I moved too quickly or the wrong way pain would shoot straight through me.

"You know Sapphire has been missing you like crazy? Every night she called me to make sure you were still okay and in order for her to believe I had to take a video of you sleeping."

"Wait you were filming me while I was sleeping?"

"I had to, that daughter of yours is persistent. If I didn't she would call every five minutes."

"I don't care how you dress it up, that shit is creepy Cordell. Like stalker creepy." He laughed. "Baby we married now, so I'm going to be stalking you for the rest of my life." He looked over winking at me to seal the deal.

"Don't film me while I'm sleeping again, I don't look cute when I sleep."

"And tell me how do you supposed to look cute when you are sleeping? The last time I checked you are supposed to be sleeping not checking to see if your makeup is on right or not."

"That's not the point Cordell."

"Then what is?"

"The point is that some people look cute when they are sleep and some people don't and I don't."

"And how would you know? Because I could swear you be sleep when you sleeping."

"I just know Cordell, it's like I can feel it," I pouted. He burst out laughing throwing his head back in the process. "Stop laughing at me!" he just continued to laugh some more. Instead of talking to him some more I just sat back in my seat looking out the window.

"Look don't be mad at me," he said reaching over to grab my hand after it took him five minutes to stop laughing. I just glared at him. He just laughed again.

We soon pulled up to our house and I sighed in relief. I was so ready to be back in my own home that I didn't know what to do. I wanted to shower in my own shower and I wanted real food.

Cordell came around and helped me out of the car. He tried to get me to get a wheel chair but I refuse to be that helpless. Soon as we stepped foot in the door I was nearly thrown to the ground by Sapphire. She was hugging me to death. "Mommy! You're finally home!" I hugged her back with the help of Cordell. "I missed you mommy!"

"I've missed you more lady bug!"

"I've been watching the babies for you."

"Oh really?! Have they been good for you or have they been bad?"

"They like to cry a lot but sometimes I show them your video of you sleeping so they know you are okay too." I smiled then looked at Cordell. I was going to kill him. "Okay baby girl let mommy in the house." Sapphire unlatched her arms from around me and let me walk up the stairs with her trailing of course.

"Well look who is finally home," Grace said when I entered the nursery. "I thought yo ass would never come home."

"Well you know I have been a little incapacitated."

"Whatever all I hear is excuses as to why you got us taking care of yo kids." I walked by her shoving her in the head. I looked over at my babies to see they were wearing something I definitely didn't pick out. "You like what I picked out for them?" I looked at Grace then back at my babies. "You seriously need help." Cordell came over to see what I was talking about then smiled.

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