Chapter Thirty-One

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"You actually leaving on time?"

"I have to. I told Sapphire I would pick her up at and take her shopping for her project."

"Well aren't you just mother of the year?"

"Trying to be." I packed up my things so I wouldn't be late picking her up. "Don't worry that little girl loves you, hell she calls you mommy and you aren't even married to Cordell yet. I think you should take that as a sign that you must be doing something right if that little girl already thinks of you as a mother."

"You know sometimes you aren't a complete pain in the ass."

"I'm going to pretend like you didn't say that because I know deep down you love me." I shook my head and left her standing there.

I had made it in time to pick up Sapphire and she looked excited. I knew this was a big deal for her since it would be something we did together. "Hey lady bug you ready to go shopping for your project?!"

"Yes! I have been waiting all day for this!" before I took off I texted Cordell and told him I would be home at six. I knew that when we went shopping time seemed to slip away from us so I wanted him to be aware if I didn't get home on time.

I decided to take us to Michaels to get the things we needed for the project. Sapphire grabbed my hand as we headed inside. She drug me to the area where the posters were. "Okay what color poster do you want?" she looked at all the posters as if trying to decide from all the colors before her.

"I want to bright pink one."

"The bright pink one it is." I grabbed the poster putting it in the basket. "What next?"

"We need markers and crayons."

"I thought you already had those."

"I did but daddy ruined all my crayons and I lost my markers at school."

"Alright then lead the way lady bug." I followed her to where the crayons were letting her pick what she wanted. By the time we were done it was going on six and we weren't even close to home. Sapphire had basically put the entire store into the basket which I think most of it was just her wanting to have. I guess it was safe to say I was spoiling her now too. Everything she had gotten was bright and sparkly just like her.

When we got in the car I called Cordell to tell him where we were. After ten minutes of talking he talked his way into getting me to cook him steak and baked potatoes. So now I had to go to the grocery store to get that.

I grabbed Sapphire's hand as I headed to the where the meat was. "Mommy can I get some Oreos?"

"Don't you have some at home?"

"Daddy ate them all yesterday," she said pouting. "Fine. Hurry up and go get them then come right back." She ran off while I kept looking for the right steak. I was also going to get some chicken breasts and pork chops so I would have them to cook later. I was on my own world as I shifted through the meat until I heard it.

"Lelaih?" everything I was doing stopped. My entire body froze as I contemplated what to do next. I wanted to run and never look back but I knew I couldn't. I knew this day would eventually come but I didn't know it would be this soon. Not when my life was finally getting good. My hands shook as I slowly turned around. "I knew it was you, I know that body anywhere," he said smirking. I wanted to scream for help but nothing would come out. "I knew I would I would see you again."

"What do you want Lucas?"

"You already know the answer to that sweetheart." That was not going to happen, ever. I was not going back down that road again. I was not going back to the life where I was constantly looking over my shoulder and wondering if I was going to get beat from one day to the other. I loved the freedom I had and I owed that all to Cordell, not Lucas. All he ever did was cause me pain.

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