Chapter Two

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The next morning I woke up to the smell of food and Trinity not by my side. I knew that could only mean Grace was here since she came in and out like this was her damn place. When I got this apartment she was with me and when I signed the papers she seemed to never leave.

I slowly rolled out of bed dreading the morning sun and everything that came with waking up. When I got to the kitchen I saw Grace at the stove while Trinity played on the floor with some pots. She looked so interested in them pots and I just shook my head. "Look who's up," Grace said smiling from ear to ear. I just grumbled and sat down at the island trying to get myself together. I hated the morning and always have. "So I was thinking we could go shopping for the party tonight since I know you have nothing to wear."

"Grace you know I don't like shopping with you." She could be so hyperactive and dramatic when she goes shopping. Not to mention she has to buy everything she sees. "Well now you have no choice because I need you on your A game tonight. We are gonna go and buy you a pretty dress and some fly ass shoes to make everything pop."

"Whatever fine I will be your doll. Just pass the food before I die of hunger."

"Mwe too," Trinity said looking up and smiling. I just laughed cause that little girl was too smart for her own good. Eventually Grace put Trinity in her high chair and served cut up pieces of pancakes and juice. She instantly dug in like she hadn't ate in forever. Then she placed three pancakes in front of me and sat in front of me.

"So this guy I want you to meet is a very good guy, I think you two will hit it off well."

"Grace I told you I wasn't ready for that."

"And when will you be ready because believe it or not we are not twenty anymore. Life is passing us by and quickly and I don't know about you but Trinity needs a dad and I need a man." I knew she was right but she didn't know what I went through in my marriage. I never told her because I was scared of what she would think about me and think I was weak. It was days I didn't know if I would live and if I wanted to live. I contemplated suicide so many times while being married to him that it became an everyday thing. Surprisingly the one time I did try I failed miserably and when he came home I had everything cleaned up and he never knew. There was a lot of times I wanted to tell Grace but I just couldn't, this was a part of me that I just couldn't tell and didn't plan to. There was no need for her to know or anyone for that matter.

"All I know is you need to get your shit together before you end up old and grey with fifty cats," she said now being dramatic. She went on some more but I tuned her out and ate my food.

Once we were done she told me to go get dressed so we could go shopping. I went and took a shower and wrapped a towel around my body going to find something to wear. I knew I didn't need to dress up so I put on my black joggers with a black tank top that had the word love on it and black vans. I put my hair in a messy bun on the top of my head and put on slight make up and my diamond studs. I grabbed my phone and wallet and headed back downstairs to see Grace eating my damn ice cream.

"Between you and your daughter ya'll are eating me out of house and home."

"Oh hush up," she said shooing me off. I grabbed the ice cream from her hands to see it was half gone. One thing I couldn't stand was people messing with my ice cream. Don't get me wrong I loved to share but just don't mess with my ice cream. "Why couldn't you eat the ice cream I bought for Trinity?"

"You know I don't like strawberry ice cream. I don't know how she started liking that flavor but I hate it."

"Then go buy yo own damn ice cream and stop coming in my home eating my food."

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