Chapter Seven

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So I woke up this morning feeling happier than ever, better than I ever have since my divorce and know it's all because of Cordell. We have been together a month and he has literally done everything to make me feel comfortable. I love the fact that he cares but I can't help but think of when my ex did the same thing. That was a real problem since I was really started to really have strong feelings for him. I didn't know if he felt the same but I wanted to find out.

I decided I needed to clean up my place so I went and took a long shower. I wrapped a towel around my body and headed to my closet to find something to wear. I didn't want anything big so I chose a pair of purple spandex shorts with a long matching tank. I put my phone on the dock and turned on my music and started cleaning. For some reason cleaning could really help you think whenever you had a problem. I was soon done with the upstairs and headed downstairs but then I saw I was getting a phone call, it was Grace.

Me: What's up?

Grace: Hey are you busy today?

Me: No I'm just chilling at home today, why?

Grace: Well I have this project I am working on and I was wondering if you could watch Trinity for me. I know this is sudden but I don't have anyone else.

Me: Grace calm down, I will watch Trinity. Just bring her over whenever you are ready.

Grace: Omg I love you!

Me: You better!

After that I finished cleaning until I was done. By the time I was done the doorbell rang so I went to see who it was. "Now I can't believe my eyes, the Grace Lewis used the doorbell!"

"You not funny, now move this girl is heavy," I stepped aside to let her in with a sleeping Trinity in her arms. I told her to take her to her room so she could keep sleeping. "I promise I will be back to get her tomorrow morning," Grace said coming back downstairs. "Grace you know I will keep her as long as you need. She is my baby too."

"You know you are the best friend ever."

"Yea I know now go before you are late, I will have her call you before she goes to bed." She nodded and grabbed her stuff and headed out. I decided that I wanted to make lasagna for dinner with some cheese cake brownies. Just as I wrote down the ingredients that I needed to get someone knocked on the door again. I sighed and went to answer it, it was my mother. To say I was surprised was an understatement; we haven't talked since I divorced. It was like she blamed me for what happened and to me that was fucked up. "So you are alive," she said pushing past me like she owned the damn place. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to see my daughter, is that a problem?"

"You haven't talked to me since I got divorced so why are you here now?"

"Well, how rude. I thought you would be happy to see your mother but no instead you want to act rude." That was the problem with my mother, she always thought she could control me and now that I was doing my own thing she couldn't stand it. I never really got along with my mother since my dad left and honestly I got over it. I came to terms a long time ago we would never be close like we should. "Look I don't have time to play your games and really don't give a damn, so tell me why you came here or get out. Your choice."

"I don't know why you treat me like this but I came to tell you I was throwing a cook out for the whole family and wanted you to come. The family hasn't seen you since the little incident."

I sighed, "You mean since my divorce?"

"That's what I said Lelaih, I swear you always have to be difficult," she said shaking her head like I was getting on her nerves or something. This is why I didn't let this woman in my life. "I don't think I will be able to make it but thanks for stopping by," I said trying to get her out.

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