Chapter Eight

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So once again Cordell stayed over and I have to admit like having a man in bed again. The only difference is this time I sleep in peace and not on edge of what might happen in the middle of the night. When I woke up Cordell was watching me and I just smiled at him. "You know it's creepy to stare at a person, right?"

"I can't help it, you are just so beautiful," he gently slide the back of his hand down my face. "I could really get used to waking up to you."

"Yea I know the feeling." He sat up and looked at his phone. "Damn time flies, I gotta go take Sapphire to my grandparents and then get ready. I will be back at three to pick you up." I nodded and he leaned in and kissed me. I swear every time he kisses me I melt. He got out of bed and quickly put his clothes back on and I followed suit only putting on a robe. He went into the girls' room and picked up Sapphire seeing she was still knocked out. I looked over at Trinity and saw she was still sound asleep too.

Once he left I went ad started breakfast since I knew Grace would be over soon. I decided on making bacon, cheese grits, toast, and scrambled eggs. By the time I got finished with the grits and bacon and moved on to the eggs, I heard the door open and close. I already knew it was Grace since she never knocks.

"It smells good as a fuck in here!"

"Yea I made breakfast."

"When you have kids they are going to be fat with the way you cook," she said getting a spoon and taking a bite of grits. "Will you stop eating and make the toast before Trinity gets up, you know when she smells food she comes at full speed."

"Hey don't do my baby like that."

"Well then tell yo baby to stop eating, I swear it's always the skinny ones that can eat a house and still be hungry as hell and skinny as a stick."

"You just hating cause when you eat grits they go straight to yo ass," she said slapping my butt. It was true I mean I wasn't skinny but I wasn't fat but that didn't mean I didn't have curves and no matter what I tried to do my ass wouldn't go away.

I finally finished breakfast with no thanks to Grace and just as predicted Trinity came running down. "Mommy!"

"There's my baby girl," she said picking her up and spinning her around. We fixed our plates and sat down to eat. Just as we were getting started Trinity gulped everything down like it was nothing. "Mommy can I go and play in my room?"

"Yea Trinity but we are leaving soon so get your things together." She nodded and raced back upstairs. "You know your child is a mess right?"

"Whatever you know you love her." We were quiet for a while until she cleared her throat. "So how are things going with you and Mr. Boss Man," she asked wiggling her eye brows.

"So far things have been going good between us."

"So that means you really like him and you can see a future with him?"

"I guess but I am really just trying to take things slow you know. I am just trying to make sure he is the guy he says he is before I fully give him my heart."

"Lelaih you gotta stop making that man pay for what another man did. Let him love you and allow yourself to love him." I just nodded thinking about what she said. I wanted to let go but things I went through with my ex. I just couldn't allow myself to go down that road again because I wouldn't be able to take it or survive.

"How about you take baby steps and give the man a key to your apartment."

"I don't know about that that would mean he could just walk in and out whenever he wants."

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